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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Girlschool – ‘Hit and Run – Revisited’ album review
Released on: UDR via EMI Release date: Available now

OK, here we go, once you've checked out this album review, I have a giveaway contest to win a copy of this very album, thanks to my good friends at Chipster PR and the UDR label!

So, read the review and get a feel for Girlschool and let's see who wants to be a winner! 

Many people have often viewed UK rockers Girlschool as the female equivalent of Motorhead, which to me frankly is a bloody huge insult!
While I know that Girlschool and Lemmy go back a long way and Motorhead with their – Surprising – success have helped Girlschool out somewhat, the difference to me is an ocean!
They do put Lemmy in their special thanks too here though, which I guess is fair enough.

Now this may stir up a few people, as I know many people think Motorhead are great fun band …
I can honestly say, I can’t stand them! Sorry, we’re all entitled to our own opinions and that’s mine.
I'm sorry, but Lemmy can’t sing for starters and then the band is just a wall of noise, add to that Lemmy’s obsession of all things Nazi and that’s more than enough for me … And before anyone comments, ‘But you don't like them, so you’ve never seen them!’

You’d be wrong, I’ve seen them twice live ...
I saw the band play at Donington Park's, Monsters of Rock festival in 1986, when Def Leppard made their comeback with Rick Allen, The Scorpions played an absolute killer set and Ozzy topped the bill that year too.
I also caught them playing with Iron Maiden and Dio (RIP) back in 2003 and they sounded awful ...

Anyway, enough about my thoughts on Motorhead, this review is all about Girlschool!

I first saw Girlschool back in 1981, believe it or not, on the tour that supported this very albums original release.
I thought then, they have promise and put on a great rockin’ show, even if I only knew about half or less of the songs.
The band has gone through many changes over the years that including sadly, losing original guitarist / singer / songwriter, Kelly Johnson (RIP) to spinal cancer in 2007.
Tragic, as she was a great guitarist.
  Now the band is back, re-recording the album that quite possibly broke the band in the UK originally, ‘Hit and Run – Revisited.’
The band today features all the original members, with the exception of course of Jackie Chambers, who carries the role that Kelly formerly held and Jackie does so in a very good fashion.
Kim McAuliffe (Guitars/Vocals), Enid Williams (Bass/Vocals) and Denise Dufort on drums are all present and still rockin’ hard! 

From the off I will say this about this album, as it was and is today, that I’d forgotten I guess. It really does have a punky kind vibe about it, kind of at time, kind of Ramones like, especially with heavy songs that clock in typically around two to three minutes long on average.

‘C’mon Let’s Go’ opens things, almost like ‘Bad Motor Scooter’ cranking out, before getting into an almost ‘Overkill’ - The song, not the band! - fashion, but of course the difference between Girlschool and Motorhead is that you can understand what they are singing!

Next up it’s ‘The Hunter’ almost has a kind of T-Rex feel about the way it’s structured.
The thing about this album over the original, besides Jackie’s vocals from Kelly’s originally, is a little more depth to it and the production / mix on hand. I swear I do hear slight keyboards in places that I never heard before on this album originally.
‘(I’m Your) Victim’ does sound seriously heavy and it’s kind of like a seriously heavy Go Go’s if I were honest.
The pace continues with ‘Kick It Down’ which is seriously punchy and has real attitude about it, no question!

With ‘Following The Crowd,’ the song refers to the audience that followed the ‘N.W.O.B.H.M. (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal)’ that was the era that spawned the talents of Def Leppard, Saxon, Iron Maiden and many more alongside Girlschool.

An excellent version of ZZ Top’s ‘Tush’ is next and it was always a favourite in the bands live set. Nice one!

The title track ‘Hit and Run’ is next and boy do I remember driving around back in the 80’s singing along with this one! Still love it!
‘Watch Your Step’ is serious punky thrash ala Ramones style, still a catch chorus and serious hi-speed playing.

I love the groove to ‘Back To Start,’ it’s a little more refined than most of the songs on the album, while still retaining the heavy power chords throughout. It’s not unlike the way Gary Moore covered the Yardbirds ‘Shapes of Things,’ song structure wise.

‘Yeah Right’ was another minor hit single for the band back in the day, again perhaps a little punky for some peoples liking though.
The track that closed the original album was ‘Future Flash’ next, that starts with a little eerie Sci-Fi style intro and then gets rocking, but the song takes a few twists and turns throughout, including a ripping guitar solo or two and then the eerie keyboard / sound effects ending.

The bonus tracks are next with one of their live favorites re-recorded in ‘Demolition Boys,’ a fun thrash through rocker.
Well, you really didn’t expect to hear any ballads here did you?!
The last track is an extra version of ‘Hit and Run’ this time featuring the addition of ex-Warlock vocalist, Doro Pesch taking the lead vocal, a little deeper in tone … Why not I guess, it adds a little twist!
Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Official band website:

OK folks, here we go, here's the giveaway question for you!
There is just one sealed copy of this album to giveaway and here's what I'd like you to answer:
Girlschool's excellent 'Play Dirty' album was produced by who ...? I'm looking for two names ..., two 70's UK legends!

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Please provide full name and address.
Contest is open to residents of the USA and Canada only at this time folks.
Thanks and good luck!!!
Giveaway ends Friday May 18th, 2012 at midnight.

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