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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hydrogyn – Private Sessions album review
Released on: Rapid Fire Entertainment Release date: Available now

Hydrogyn have been a hard rockin’ act to say the least, for sometime often in a quite metal direction, but with this latest release, ‘Private Sessions,’ they are clearly trying to reach out to a wider acceptability.

They hit the rock scene with the extremely strong ‘Bombshell’ release, following up with ‘Deadly Passions.’
Led by the double assault team of the very attractive and extremely talented vocalist Julie Westlake and her husband on guitar, the likewise, very talented songwriter Jeff Westlake, they have to me really got something here!
Rounded off with Joe Migz (Drums) and Chris Sammons (Bass), they’ve certainly got a strong line up.

‘Private Sessions’ to me has got just the right balance of light and dark or melodic and heavy to theoretically, really make their mark.

‘Something To Say’ opens things with some heavy riffs and then eases back a little and enter Julie’s sultry vocals and it gets into a really catchy groove, without doubt. At times a little Evanescence but then almost dare I say, Journey?!
Jeff guitar solo sounds like Neal Schon stepped by to help out, a great opening track. My only peeve really is the shouted, ‘I Want You To’ in the chorus, but then again, you won’t forget it and certainly, that's the idea!

Next up is the eerie starting ‘Forbidden Kind,’ almost X-Files like intro, before getting into its rhythm. It generally retains a lot of the atmospheric sound through the verses but picks up in almost prog rock fashion in the chorus. Nice stuff.

‘Scream’ has an almost Def Leppard feel about it at times from the ‘X’ period, even a little like ‘Cry’ chorus wise, which I’m not knocking at all. I really liked a lot about the Def Leppard ‘X’ album, even if others knocked it.
Hydrogyn though are certainly a little edgier than Leppard.

There’s definitely an atmospheric sense about this album and no more so than on next track ‘I Don’t Know How’ and Julie’s vocal really comes across kind of a cross between Lee Aaron and Pat Benatar, yes that good!
This is again another strong track and some of the opening third of the album, reminds me of some of Steve Lukather’s solo work and then it grows and grows.

‘Heated Night’s' next is really catchy indeed, at times with an AC/DC like riff, but Julie’s vocals are killer, not just here but throughout. She’s certainly at her best on ‘Private Sessions’ and Jeff’s solo work again on guitar, classy!

With ‘Creeper’ it starts with an edgy riff and drums and bass powering the tune along and then Julie’s vocals come in strongly once again and the riff has quite a hook to it. As the title suggests it kind of chugs, ‘creepily’ along picking up in the chorus.

‘Don’t cha Walk Away’ starts with some haunting piano and vocals and then, wham! The riff kicks in and we’re off to rock’ville once more, edging along with a steady groove.

Its power ballad time with ‘Roseline’s Song’ sung in a very strong yet sultry manner, again at times very reminiscent of Pat Benatar, very strong too. It’s a nicely done number.

‘Feeling’ up next reflects light and dark, with some heavily accented guitars here and there, at times not unlike Whitesnake and then eased back through the verses. Another winner by me!

The French sungUn Monde Perdu’ – One World, One Life – is commendable but I guess why?
A quite atmospheric number and the press release for the album tells us nothing about the track, so make of it what you will?

 ‘It Doesn’t Matter’ is another number in the same vein as ‘Heated Nights.’ It rocks along nicely again with some great hooks and still stunningly strong vocals from Julie. Nice solo from Jeff once more too.

The final ‘bonus’ track here is ‘Alone’ and no, it’s not the Heart song, but instead another winning slice of rock, with perhaps a slight moodiness about it.

This really is a great album for old fans of the band that have for years been following the band’s development, but also for fans of well written, melodic hard rock, that’s well sung and equally well presented! Enjoy!

Rating: 4 out of 5


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