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Friday, August 31, 2012

Note for Friday August 30th, 2012

Hi everyone,
So, no news ... So drained right now ...
Thanks for your support this week, those of you that have taken the time to still check in.
Sadly the hits seem lower than they have been for sometime ... :(
It's been tough since I started this new dayjob to do much for the site at all, working 10 - 16 hour days and I've only been there about 7 weeks.
It just seems messed up ... Working through a bunch of lunch breaks too, which means yet less time for 'Chambers of Rock.'
At this rate, it may well come down to folding the site up ...
I've also been waiting on a well known musician to return the manuscript of our interview that he and I have been going back and forth on, while his band toured Europe but now he's back home in the US, clearly though he has other priorities, which I understand.
He has been away from his family for sometime.
I also have to still type up an interview with Joe Lynn Turner that he and I did, much earlier this year ...
Again, keeping the site going for all you folks and fitting in reviews means less time for typing up those interviews and editing them.
I had planned to talk to Rik Emmett (Triumph) soon, but now I'm questioning myself about doing that ...
I'd like to be more positive about things, but with low hits at the site - And this week, although there has been a news update Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. - it's been tough to justify.
There's no income from doing this folks - Amazon in connection with Blogger changed some of their tactics and an App on Blogger, that took people to the Amazon sale of the product, changed a while back, so it makes it look cheesy to simply add a link at the end of eachreview.
Also fewer PR folks are offering review tickets for gigs, so less to cover there at the cost of current gigs ...
It's just simply getting harder and harder to justify, after six months of my starting the site, it was getting plenty of attention then and I thought, 'OK, it's doing this good, I need to stay on top of it, so I quit playing in a local band with Rhonda to focus on this.
Since then, work has got more crazy, so then it becomes a battle ... Since starting this in December 2009, I'm now in my third daytime job ... I kid you not! Not cool huh?
I'll see how the site goes over the coming week, but seriously, if the hits drop off that much, the writing appears to almost be on the wall .... :(
It has been good while it lasted ... And those people that have stuck with me since the beginning thanks!
Friends that have tried to help out, some guest reviews - Thanks Mark, Dave and LeeAnn! - and those that have also helped in trying get some of the interviews this year typed up, I salute you rock 'n' roll troopers!
I do really apprecate you ALL, for all you have done to keep me focused here, sorry if it doesn't last much longer, but it's almost been three years, not bad with no outside publicity I suppose ... Thanks ...

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