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Monday, September 24, 2012

Rush at the Palace of Auburn Hills (Detroit), Michigan - Tuesday September 18, 2012.

Rush at the Palace of Auburn Hills (Detroit), Michigan - Tuesday September 18, 2012.
Guest review by Pete Salvato
Ed's Special Update Note - Sept. 30th, 2012:

Folks - Please note - I learned today that the photos that I had posted here with this review, were in fact NOT taken by Pete at all and instead that he had taken these from a Rush site.
My sincere public apologies to all and especially to that photographer, for these having been posted here, WITHOUT prior permission.

Sadly, I have no choice today but to remove these photographs, as I have no right to post them.
Clearly in future, NOTHING will be posted without either the artist, artist's management or my consent.
Once again, sincere apologies.

My thanks to my good friend Pete Salvato, for heading out to the Rush show this past week and sharing his experience that evening and how just how much of a Rush fan he is, fourteen Rush gigs Pete? No contest man!
I’ve only seen them four times!
I am a huge Rush fan, but I was a bit under the weather when I went to the Palace of Auburn Hills on Tuesday Night. Despite a touch of the flu, I made it to see the Canadian power trio in support of the Clockwork Angels Tour 2012.
Rush is one of the few bands, that plays a show without an opening act.
It all started on the Test For Echo Tour in 1996-1997.
Rush have basically been doing this in the US at least, without any support act, on all subsequent tours.
The lights went down and a video screen when up before the start of the first song.
There was a video clip of the three members of Rush one by one getting lubed oiled whatever they do in a cartoon style form to get ready for the show.
The video ran about a minute which then they dropped the spotlight on Geddy Lee at the keyboards with his bass strapped on him.
They then opened the show up with Subdivisions, which personally is one of my favorite Rush tunes.
The crowd as you would image, erupted out of their seats and cheered.
Subdivisions (First track of the 1982 record Signals), has been a song that they have put in their sets and has been getting great responses from fans, especially diehards. In fact, the entire first half of the show, was predominantly 80's style Rush tunes.

Big Money was next off of Power Windows, then Force Ten from Hold Your Fire, Geddy Lee then spoke by saying, "Good evening Detroit, Michigan! Good evening fellow Canadians as well!”
He then introduced the next song, it was a huge surprise to me … “Right, now were going to play a song, this is called Grand Designs.” I thought what? Grand Designs?
This is the second track off of Power Windows!
The reason for my surprise was that they have never played this song live, in the times that I have seen them.
What really shocked and surprised me was that they played two more off of Power Windows, with Middletown Dreams, and then Territories.
Power Windows has some good songs on there, but in my opinion it is my least favorite Rush album.
Ed's note: Obviously in Pete's opinion folks ... It's not my fav either Pete!
Proceeding to the rest of the first half of the show, when they did The Pass (from the album Presto), I had an emotional moment.
The lyrics are very deep regarding troubled teens, and the hardships of being a teenager.
The second half of the show, they did nine of the thirteen tracks – Ed’s note: Wow! Brave move indeed! - from Clockwork Angels. They opened up with a video of a so called Watchmaker who would go to the house where dwarfs - incidentally played by the members of Rush ... - who were staying there in the video. Then proceeded with the background of string players and the lead track from Clockwork Angels: Caravan.
The new record got a great response throughout the night.
One of the new songs, Headlong Flight had a great response, I called it Son of Bastille Day, since it has the similar sound to it.
The band then encored with Tom Sawyer, 2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale.
Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, and Neil Peart were fantastic together as usual.
Three incredible musicians, who continue to amaze and reach way beyond their potential, how does Geddy do it: Play bass and keyboards at the same time. In the song The Garden, a ballad and the last track from the new record, 3/4 into the song, Alex Lifeson is playing the piano and did very well with Geddy singing lead.
Once again, of course …, Neil Peart proved it, all too clearly, as the world's greatest drummer!
Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the show, since I am a huge fan of Rush, what I thought was they over did it with Power Windows.
My favorite live Rush tunes have always been Natural Science and Spirit of Radio. They did not play those tracks and to be honest, the same goes for Limelight, Freewill, Mission and One Little Victory.
One thought came to mind is that they are saving something big for Rush’s 40th Anniversary which will be 2014!
Ed's note: I hope to be there!
1st Half

The Big Money
Force Ten
Grand Designs
Middletown Dreams
Analog Kid
The Pass
Where's My Thing (Drum Solo)
Far Cry

2nd Half
Clockwork Angels
The Anarchist
The Wreckers
Headlong Flight (Drum Solo)
Halo Effect
Wish Them Well
The Garden
Red Sector A
YYZ (Drum Solo)
Working Man (Drum Solo)
Tom Sawyer
2112 Overture/Temples of Syrinx/Grand Finale
Official Rush website:
Ed's note in summary:
My sincere thanks go out to Pete for this.
Great stuff!
Three drums solos too ... Really???! Wow!
Thanks for sharing Pete!

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