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Monday, December 10, 2012

Rock News Update for Monday December 10th, 2012

Hi All,
Wow! Chambers of Rock ... What a challenge!
Folks, I can't begin to tell you how crazy the past four or five days have been, although I'll give you a little insight!
After last Wednesday night's wonderful 3 Doors Down gig with Daughtry - Review coming! - everything went kind of downhill from there ...
Last Thursday evening, my first Smartphone - which I've seriously began to question, why we call them that?! - decided to really play up and I lost all web access on it, then Friday night, my desktop started playing up and started morning I couldn't even get logged into Windows! Great!
I fired up the laptop, yes, got logged in, but internet just wasn't happening?!
Modem is fine, but for some reason browser just kept on refreshing and refreshing?!
Well, after numerous runs of excessive 'clean up' treatments - Combofix, Malware Bytes, etc, defragging my hard drive, for now it appears to have settled down ... I hope!
New Smartphone arrives tomorrow!
It's been a really busy weekend around all that too, so apologies, but hopefully here we go again!
Have a good week folks, can't believe how close Christmas is, unreal!
Firefest 10 - 2013 Details revealed
So, those wonderful people behind the UK's premier melodic rock event Firefest, Kieran Dargan, Bruce Mee and the whole Firefest organisation, have really pulled some bunnies out of hats for their tenth anniversary event!
This one will no doubt sell out quicker than ever!
Pulling Harem Scarem out of (semi) retirement is a major coup in itself, getting Shooting Star to come and play a UK gig, likewise ... Special!
Darren Wharton's Dare too will no doubt please many, many AOR fans and some absolute magic work in having the likes of AOR gems like Alien, Prophet, Treat, Work of Art and a phenomenal Sunday night all star lineup to close the three day event, stunning!
Legends - Voices of Rock, taking the headline slot on Sunday will feature Joe Lynn Turner (Fandango, Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen), Eric Martin (Mr. Big), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto) Tommy Denander (Everyone!) and no doubt other stars backing them, should be spectacular!
Anyway, enough of my chat, just check out the flyer for all the acts playing in October 2013!
For more details, go to:
3 Doors Down and Daughtry featuring on AXS TV live!
Folks, you do not want to miss this one!!!
Last Wednesday night here in Detroit, 3 Doors Down and Daughtry both played great sets at the magical Fox Theatre downtown.

AXS TV Concerts on Tuesday night 11th December at 10pm (EST) / 7pm (CST), will broadcast both bands sets, live!
Here's the press release for the event:
AXS TV Concerts is proud to broadcast Daughtry and 3 Doors Down LIVE on AXS TV. Don’t miss your chance to see two of Rock and Roll’s biggest bands join together for one amazing night.

3 Doors Down burst onto the scene in 2000 with “Kryptonite” and since then have gone on to put out one platinum record after another. Last month 3 Doors Down celebrated their success by releasing a Greatest Hits album.
On December 11th the band performs at the 1st Bank Center in Colorado and AXS TV has your front row seat!
Check out this link:

Daughtry took the world by storm with the hit singles “It’s Not Over” and “Home”.
Three albums later, Daughtry is a household name and you can see them with 3 Doors Down 100% LIVE on AXS TV.
Daughtry link here:
Don’t miss 3 Doors Down AND Daughtry LIVE at the 1st Bank Center in Colorado Tuesday December 11th only on AXS TV. As always AXS TV Concerts wants to hook YOU up with FREE concerts gear just for watching!
Visit AXS TV Concerts on Facebook to find out how you can score FREE merch from Daughtry and 3 Doors Down.
Here's the link for all the details:

(Phoenix, AZ - December, 2012) Launched a mere three weeks ago Heavy Metal Television is the talk of the internet. Since the launch, the station has garnered over 30,000 unique visitors with praise such as, "Thanks for this channel from the bottom of my heavy metal heart!", "You have become the soundtrack to my house" and "Heavy Metal Television is my new addiction" being plastered on the station's official Facebook page.
Heavy Metal Television beat Apple, Microsoft and Google in a race to start the first 24 hour web television network on Earth and people are talking.
"We're getting eMails from people who are basically marveling at how someone in Los Angeles is watching the same exact thing at the same moment at someone in Stockholm," says a station spokesperson.
"Not 3 hours apart, not 8 hours apart and not on demand but at the exact same moment forever. That speaks volumes. The music video is reborn. 24 hour music videos on the world's only true music video channel has gone viral!"
Heavy Metal Television has no log ins, no passwords, minimal commercials, zero pop up ads and it's forever free.
Go see for yourself at:

JORN goes "Symphonic" offering his fans a new retrospective on his career
Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of a very special album from JORN entitled “Symphonic” on January 25th in Europe and January 22nd in North America.
“Symphonic” is not a proper new album, but rather a selection of tracks taken from JORN’s previous studio releases, which have been carefully selected by the Norwegian singer himself and painstakingly remixed in order to add a grandiose classical orchestra arrangement to the existing Hard Rock structure.
“I didn't want to choose the most obvious Jorn songs, as I didn't want this album to come out as a typical "best of" release”, explains the Norwegian singer. “Some songs that are not too typical in a Jorn context, were chosen simply because some great songs often tend to be forgotten and therefore deserve a second chance”.
Tracks like “I Came to Rock”, “Burn Your Flame” and “Behind the Clown” especially are presented in a very intriguing and different new dressing, which enhances the variety and depth of JORN’s classic songwriting and performance style. In Jorn’s words: “I Came To Rock, might now even remind the listener of a Broadway musical, not coming from a heavy rock band like Jorn. The new version of "Behind The Clown" shows how much as a young boy I have been fascinated by Kate Bush. “Burn your flame” instead came out really fresh and different, compared to the original version on Spirit Black from 2009.”
“Symphonic” also includes an unreleased track: a cover version of Dio’s “Rock n Roll Children”.
“I hope you will enjoy the album and maybe you will even rediscover some songs you had forgotten…” concludes Jorn.
“Symphonic” tracklisting includes:

I Came To Rock; Rock And Roll Children; The World I See; Burn Your Flame; Man Of The Dark; My Road; Time To Be King; Black Morning; Like Stone In Water; Vision Eyes; War Of The World; Behind The Clown; A Thousand Cuts; The Mob Rules.
The first single off the album “I Came to Rock” can be exclusively listened in streaming on the Frontiers Records webradio.

Tune in at:
And Finally ... Some sad news ...
Huw Lloyd-Langton passes away
RIP guitarist Huw Lloyd-Langton, who died last Thursday 6th December at his home, after battling cancer for some time.
Lloyd-Langton had been a member of British space rockers Hawkwind, from way back in 1970, playing on their first self titled album, before leaving the band soon after.
He actually played in UK pop star Leo Sayer's band for a while, as well as his own Lloyd-Langton Group, releasing various albums and touring frequently.
He rejoined Hawkwind in 1979 and featured on their 'Live Seventy Nine' and 1980's 'Levitation' albums that also incidentally featured ex-Cream drummer Ginger Baker, it was a tour that I caught as I really enjoyed 'Levitation.'
He did tour further with Hawkwind, but also kept up his solo work too.
Sadly cancer got the better of him and last Thursday he passed away.
He was 61 years old.
RIP Huw Lloyd-Langton
1951 - 2012 

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