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Friday, December 21, 2012

Rock News Update for Saturday 22nd December, 2012

Hi all,
Well, as you can see I'm trying to stay on top of things here!
Well, it looks as though we all beat the Mayan calendar, what were they thinking?! Sad ...
I don't know about you, but I'm thinking they made a huge error and to be honest, I for one am certainly glad!
Once again, I do not know if I'll get the chance to update the site before Christmas, after this one, but I'll try.  It's just too crazy right now.
Take care folks, love thy neighbour ... And try to avoid stress!
Merry Christmas one and all!
Cheers, Al
Thin Lizzy name change in hand ...
Are you ready for Black Star Riders?
Well, it's a pretty sad day in the world of rock as Scott Gorham, the main man today in Thin Lizzy has declared to Classic Rock Magazine in the UK, that the days of a band going out on the road as Thin Lizzy are seriously numbered.

Classic Rock magazine seemed to get the exclusive on the Thin Lizzy scoop, the name change, the band change and it seems the Lizzy band is done ... At least for now ...

Scott told Classic Rock, “Thin Lizzy is a partnership between Brian Downey and myself and the estate.
 If the estate had said, ‘This is a kick-ass idea,’ we would have had to rethink. But because they were feeling uncomfortable about it, that put a full stop to it.”

I dropped Scott a note, before this was announced to wish him a Merry Christmas and that I was hopeful about Lizzy moving forward in the New Year, with the album and a new name ...

At the time I really wasn't too concerned and thought, OK, maybe they'll refer to a Lizzy album or track and whatever happens, the album should be great with the contributions of Scott, Brian Downey and Darren Wharton, alongside the new boys!

Sad to say, this won't be the case ...
Brian Downey has again dropped out of Lizzy, as he did before citing he does not want to tour as much as the others. That's the official Thin Lizzy line anyway.
I don't know ... He seemed to be having fun when I spoke with him backstage in Detroit ...

Darren Wharton, well he's had Dare on the side for sometime, but with interest in the fact that classic AOR act is on the rise again, he has declined continuing with Scott and the guys, as he wants to remain focused on Dare ...

Ed's note: I didn't drop Darren any note, but I will ...

Black Star Riders 2012

Thin Lizzy, under the new name of Black Star Riders - Don't like the name, sorry ... - will continue with the lineup of Scott, Ricky Warwick, Marco Mendoza, Damon Johnson and former Megadeth / White Lion drummer Jimmy DeGrasso.
There is currently no plan to bring in any new keyboard player, indicating a desire to stay rockin' harder!

The band apparently has fifteen songs down and they will go into the studio 'AS' Black Star Riders, to record a new album under the direction and guiding hands of mega producer Kevin Shirley (Aerosmith, Black Country Communion, Europe and many more).
It should be interesting, but I am disappointed by the non-involvement Downey or Wharton and what is also not clear is if they had ANY input in the songwriting?

You can read the Classic Rock story here:

I also do not know what the lineup will be, that goes down under to open for Kiss and Motely Crue?

Official Thin Lizzy website:

Black Star Riders Facebook page:


Next year, the most successful Swedish rock band of all time, Europe, celebrate their 30th year as recording artists with a grand anniversary show at the Sweden Rock Festival.

The concert will be their only on Swedish soil in 2013, and it will be a grandiose event indeed, promises singer Joey Tempest.

The stage show will be one of the greatest of the band's entire career (certain very special guest stars will also appear). The setlist will be specially composed from Europe's entire nine-album discography. Including their cult debut "Europe" (1983), multi-million seller "The Final Countdown" (1986) and their most recent outing "Bag of Bones" (2012) which has now reached gold status.
The performance will also be filmed for a DVD release!

Europe will close the Sweden Rock Festival main stage on Friday evening, June 7th.


To download the full press release and to learn how you and a friend can WIN 3-day tickets to the festival and a MEET & GREET with the band, visit:

The history of rock ‘n’ roll will come to life like never before with RAIDING THE ROCK VAULT. 

RAIDING THE ROCK VAULT -- the theatrical production telling the chronological story of classic rock -- which recently premiered in Los Angeles.

Narrated, sung and acted along with compelling imagery including historical footage, the show transports the audience back to a magical musical journey from 1950 to 1990, telling the  history of rock 'n' roll like never seen before. The production plans on touring in 2013.
Written by esteemed Grammy Award-winning record producer David Kershenbaum, and musician, producer and vocalist John Payne (Asia), RAIDING THE ROCK VAULT traverses the genre's history chronologically through the ‘50s, '60s, '70s and '80s, through to the year 1990, RAIDING THE ROCK VAULT features classic anthems from The Who, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Free, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin, Bryan Adams, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Queen, KISS, Rolling Stones and more, truly boasting "The Greatest Set List Ever."
It was born to give audiences an important history lesson, while encouraging them to rock out as much as possible. It’s as fresh and fiery as it gets.
These timeless gems are translated on stage live and loud by an all-star band comprised of Howard Leese [Guitar] (Heart, The Paul Rodgers Band, Bad Company), Joe Lynn Turner [Lead Vocals] (Rainbow, Deep Purple), Tracii Guns [Guitar] (LA Guns, Guns 'n’ Roses), Robin McAuley [Lead Vocals] (M.S.G., Survivor), John Payne [Lead Vocals and Bass] (Asia), Paul Shortino [Vocals] (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot), Jay Schellen [Drums] (Hurricane, Asia), Andrew Freeman [Lead Vocals and Guitars] (Lynch Mob, The Offspring), and Michael T Ross [Keyboards] (Lita Ford, Hardline, Angel).

 David Kershenbaum (co-writer of the script for Raiding The Rock Vault), Robin McAuley and John Payne visited KLOS’s The Heidi & Frank Interview to discuss the show, which you can view here:

The VAULT will open and you may never view rock ‘n’ roll the same way!

For more information, check out:


The new Swedish Melodic Rock sensation DIAMOND DAWN to unleash their debut album "Overdrive" on the Melodic Rock World, out on Frontiers in February.

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the release of DIAMOND DAWN's debut album "Overdrive" on February 22nd in Europe and February 26th in North America.

Hailing from Goteborg, Sweden DIAMOND DAWN are easily one of the most promising Melodic Rock bands to come out from the Scandinavian underground scene. They came to the attention of the fans thanks to the digital release of the song “Standing as One”, which created a very nice buzz around the band’s abilities.

In a world where rock n roll seems to lack a certain positive nerve, the band stands for a vision of conveying energy and excitement through their pompous and melodic, yet hard rocking songs. With a clear vision of how melodic rock is supposed to be delivered, DIAMOND DAWN is ready to bring back the excitement to the music!

“Our intention is to have a good time, and make people wanna have a good time!” says guitarist Olle Lindahl.
“We wanted to write some great music and release a rockin’ debut album; we definitely think that we managed to capture the positive energy that Diamond Dawn is all about. “Overdrive” is the album that we would want to go out and buy and tell the world about!”

Musically the band has not changed the coordinates that were possible to envision in “Standing As One” (a re-recorded version of the song will also appear on the new album), however, as Olle tells, “We’re not doing what we do or sound like we do for the purpose of keeping something old alive. We’re a bunch of guys that love to play together and when we do, the sound and output comes naturally. Our music is very melodic and pompous rock with a strong positive nerve. Each band member comes from a different musical background and that is what definitely makes the sound what it is. There is no way to control that as long as you do what you feel like!”

So get the party started and enjoy “Overdrive” which will probably end up being on many people's best of list of 2013 even if the album will be released almost... at the beginning of the year!

Anticipated by the digital release of the awesome 1st single “Take Me Higher” on January 17th, "Overdrive" final tracklisting will include the following eleven tracks:

Into Overdrive; Take Me Higher; Crying; Standing As One; California Rush; Indestructible; Turn It Up; The Hunter; Give It All; Don't Walk Away; Powergames.

Turn it up loud and enjoy a “Take Me Higher” sample following this link:


Olle Lindahl – Guitar/backing vocals
Alexander Strandell – Lead Vocals
Efraim Larsson – Drums/backing vocals
Jhonny Göransson – Guitar
Mikael Planefeldt – Bass
Niklas Arkbro - Keyboards


"Ceremonial" is the highly anticipated new album for German Arena Rockers PINK CREAM 69

Frontiers Records is excited to announce the release of PINK CREAM 69’s newest studio album “Ceremonial” on January 25th in Europe and January 22nd in North America.

Six years after the critically praised “In10sity” album, the German based band delivers another slice of great Arena Hard Rock!

Hot on heels after a successful German tour with HELLOWEEN and STRATOVARIUS, “Ceremonial” is PC69’s second studio effort for Frontiers Records and also the first album with their new drummer Chris Schmidt.

This new album is possibly the freshest and most diverse PINK CREAM 69 album to date.

Recorded partially at Hofa Studios and mixed at Dennis Ward’s private studio - The TrakShak - the band really made the best of their time. “The songs had to be 100% ready and we took all the necessary time”, states bass player and producer Dennis Ward.

“This gaves us the possibility to experiment and to achieve the best possible result.” And indeed, the explosive, energetic opening track “Land Of Confusion”, the contemporary rocking “Wasted Years”, the biographic “I Came To Rock” the heavily 90s-influenced “Find Your Soul” or the soulful “Passage” are all new, bright and shining diamonds in a discography full of highlights and hits.

“We deliberately called the album “Ceremonial” because we feel it’s kind of a celebration of music styles we all grew up with, regardless of what PC69 has done in the past”, continues Ward.

“There were various projects that I was involved in over the last couple of years”, adds singer David Readman. “But the work on “Ceremonial” felt like coming home. A real relief.” Nothing more to add.

“Ceremonial” includes the following new songs:
Land of Confusion; Wasted Years; Special; Find Your Soul; The Tide; Big Machine; Let the Thunder Roll; Right or Wrong; Passage of Time; I Came to Rock; King for One Day; Superman.

Samples from a few album songs can be heard following the link below :

The first single off the album: “Special”, can be exclusively listened in streaming on the Frontiers Records webradio. Tune in at

David Readman – vocals
Alfred Koffler – guitars
Uwe Reitenauer – guitars
Dennis Ward – bass
Chris Schmidt – drums

Official site:


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