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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chambers of Rock Site Update - April 2013

Chambers of Rock - April 2013 Site Update.
Hi All,
Well folks, it's been a while since you've seen anything here except for the odd album or DVD review and yes, right now I still am not in a situation where I can provide you all those news updates and press releases that I have done in the past.
All I can say is that I still hope to get that all back on track.
I do this site for the love of the music and to try and plug a number of acts / artists who I feel have for many years worked so hard in the rock industry and deserve more attention ...
I do what I can, even if it is limited.
For all my life outside of playing in and out of rock bands since the age of 15, I have loved rock music and really worked in the world of automotive by day, for the majority of my life.
Working in automotive in the US, compared to the UK is worlds apart, the daily demands are insane, crazy!
I wish I had more time for the site, but I promise you loyal readers this, even if it is limited updates, I will do my utmost to keep this up to date.
I have had interview opportunities that sadly I have had to turn them down, why?
Typing up the interviews takes a ridiculous amount of time and no, voice recognition software does not work, nor it seems does the offer from certain friends and family to help type it up ... It ends up coming back to me to finish.
I try to type up reviews in lunch breaks at work that now seem virtually non-existent.  Sad but true.
I just felt that since many of you have stuck by me, the least I could do was give you an explanation as to where things were at.
I wish I was in L.A. tonight folks, as I was invited to the Heaven + Earth 'Dig' CD launch party and boy, I bet it will be a great show!
Check out the CD review here:
Yesterday I even received an exclusive invitation to attend the first media playback of the new Black Sabbath album '13' also happening this afternoon in Hollywood.
I guess I live in the wrong city ..., sometimes!
I do want to share, stick with me folks, new reviews are coming soon on new releases from Saxon, Krokus and some previously unreleased Jeff Healey material!
Some of my PR contacts remain loyal and will still send me certain releases, thank you folks, you know who you are and I appreciate it and I remain loyal to you guys to in supporting those artists YOU are working hard to promote.
Good job guys!
Thanks again to everyone that has enjoyed C.O.R. and those of you that continue to check back on what is available here!
Work and a busy family life is tough act to balance, then throwing this site in, tougher still, but I'm not a quitter and I WILL persevere, thank you, rock fans everywhere for your loyal support.
Take care and keep on rockin' ... Summer is a comin'!!! :)
Editor / Owner - Chambers of Rock

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