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Friday, May 31, 2013

The Wild Lies – 'Jack’s Out Of The Box' EP review

The Wild Lies – 'Jack’s Out Of The Box' EP review

Released on: Izzi Records. Release date: Available now.
So here we are with a band that most likely, none of you have heard of. Why?
Well, most likely it’s because The Wild Lies are currently – As yet - an unsigned young British act from High Wycombe (England), who put together this wonderful, self-financed release and yes, I know it’s just an E.P. of five songs – that are killer! – but they clearly wanted to get something out there quickly and it seems in recent times, even some established acts have been reluctant to record a full blown album, for various reasons and have done the same.
I know a few right off the bat, who did so because their take is that many people, modern listeners, simply lose interest in one act’s whole new album of say twelve to fifteen or so songs, so they feel it’s better to focus on a handful of top notch tracks.
Others I’ve heard say they’re reluctant to do a full album, because so many people simply find pirated tracks online, download them for free or for a ridiculous nominal fee – That they, the pirates. – keep for themselves without any royalties going to the artist, to which I say to the artists, I don't blame you!

There’s also another angle that I’ve not heard said, but there’s probably a lot to it and that is, when an act goes out live and plays their sets, how many new songs off their latest album, do they ever play? One? Two? Maybe five tops right, so right there is maybe a valid reason and angle today, certainly from established acts for sure.
Sad days, as I indeed love hearing a completely new album’s worth of material!
Maybe I’m the exception though ….?
To the E.P. that we are covering here though, is The Wild Lies first recorded output, ‘Jack’s Out Of The Box.’The lineup that recorded this E.P. was – Yes, I’ll get to that … - Matt James - vocals, Rob Gamble - guitar, Dylan Smith - bass and Ralph Morris on drums.
I just love how strong opening track ‘Falling’ is, especially the killer chorus, strong hook line, great vocal from Matt James – He should go far! - great catchy lyrics and the band recorded an interesting video for this track. Check it out on You Tube:
It’s weird because the opening of the song seems to come across very heavy, but then before long it just grabs you as it’s such a hooky song … ‘That’s why I’m F-a-l-l – i-n-g, Got no destination … I don’t want this, to be the end. I’m dreaming, not cheap imitation, I don’t want this, to be pretend!’
Love the chorus, then into the heavy chord changes again through each verse and then, once again ‘I’m F-a-l-l-i-n-g …’ You’ll get it when you hear it!
Very heavy bridge and then a ripping solo from Rob Gamble.
There are clearly loads of influences across just this song alone, but the album, sorry, E.P. is just solid!
‘Stone Cold Love’ next is equally as edgy as ‘Falling’ and at first I didn’t feel that the chorus was as catching as ‘Falling,’ but you know what? It really is!
Plenty of timing changes throughout the song, which is possibly why it didn’t grab me in the same way as ’Falling’ from the start but once you’ve played this a few times, you’re like kicking yourself for not thinking it from the get go.
The band has got great harmonies too on the vocals, all to just make this better and better.
Next track ‘Relive the Ride,’ was the first track I ever heard of this band from a good old friend in the UK – Thanks Ian! – who asked me if I had heard of these guys before.
He sent me the You Tube video link for this – – and it was like, wow! Who are these guys? Then I found the ‘Falling’ link from there and was hooked and could not figure out, how I missed this band before?!
The song opens with an almost – Oh boy, here I go … Comparisons! – Def Leppard like groove intro, then gets driving with a very familiar like driving riff and becomes an absolutely killer song with big vocals, big dirty yet catchy chord patterns and wonderfully subtle guitar licks that aren’t overpowering, just accenting the song. Wonderful stuff!
Who’d of thought after all the powerful hard rockin’ and drivin’ of the three previous songs that they’d then come up with the magical power ballad ‘Beginning To End.’Love Rob’s lead guitar sound, very (Michael) Schenker like and once more I can’t emphasize enough how strong Matt James vocal is. The whole song structure is very well written, as are all the five songs on here.

Final of the five tracks here is ‘Heartbreaker’ which starts with a big old dirty, sleazy intro and then just rocks out, in an edgy style not unlike Jet when they do it.
All the songs have very many elements to them that may have you comparing those  elements to other bands, but as an all-encompassing package here this is simply great!
Again on ‘Heartbreaker,’ as elsewhere here, the timing changes show just how tight the band is and seeing them live for me would be just another wonderful dimension personally.
So here’s the thing, I love everything here and it’s very worthy of the rating it receives and so I wanted to know more about the band and have found out that they have toured as a support act in the UK and have also lined up a prestigious appearance at this year’s UK Download festival on June 15th, fantastic.
I wanted to also know about future plans too and have learned that the lineup has now changed, from the guys that recorded the E.P. and two promo videos.

The current lineup features original member Dylan Smith on Bass, Matt Polley – Vocals (Who is in fact, Matt James! Name change!), Tom Miles – Drums, Andre Ruffell and Zak Muller on Guitars.
It will be interesting to see where the band goes from here and hope to hear more of them in the future.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 – Just wish there was a full album’s worth of material though …
Wanna buy the E.P. folks? Here's a link:

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