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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Rock News Brief Update for Saturday 16th January, 2010

Damn Yankees Reunion maybe closer?

Original Damn Yankees members Jack Blades, Tommy Shaw, Ted Nugent and Michael Cartellone got together at this past week NAMM event for an unplugged version of their mega hit "High Enough" which you can view here:

Both Ted Nugent and Jack Blades have been hinting over the past year or so that it's quite possible they will be doing something again soon ... Quite when soon is though is anyones guess, that said, this little gathering is encouraging.

A week in AC/DC

From yesterday:

While AC/DC continues to ready for their New Zealand and Australia shows, the AC/DC action just keeps coming. T minus thirteen days, folks.

With the Australian shows quickly approaching, the buzz is already developing in the Australian press. On Sunday, The Age's Guy Blackman ran a solid article - -  about AC/DC which does a great job of spelling out all the things there are to like about the band, from their "meat and potatoes rock 'n' roll" to their "big story" to their "ageless" appeal. While it's a great piece, Blackman pretty much summed it up in the first line: "There's really no other band in the world like AC/DC." We're in total agreement, Guy.

Stateside, The Olympian (out of Olympia, WA) ran a story - - about the all-female AC/DC tribute band Hell's Belles - - who are playing a gig in Olympia this Saturday. The Belles, who have been paying tribute to AC/DC for some time now, take pride in the fact that they're "inspiring young girls to play rock 'n' roll" with their performances. They're apparently pretty damn good because as the article notes:

"In a 2003 interview with Blender magazine, AC/DC's lead guitarist Angus Young himself said the band was 'the best AC/DC cover I've heard.'"

That's cred right there.

As we mentioned last week, when the New Zealand and Australia shows finally hit, we want to hear about your experiences at the shows and see your shots from the second row. From what we see in the forums, it looks like fans in Melbourne are already prepping for some serious pre-gig action. We want stories! Head over to the forums and let us know.
That's it for this week. Catch you next week in another edition of The Week in AC/DC.

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