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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Rock News for Wednesday 6th January, 2010

Status Quo ARE also playing Australian dates! :)

It seems I missed plugging Status Quo's Australian dates coming up in March, as I just had pointed out to me by some old British friends who now live in Adelaide!
Specifically the concert on Sunday 14th March Clipsal 500 (V8 Car race), at the after race show in Adelaide.

Here's the list of Quo dates in Australia for March 2010:

Date:                Venue:
Wed 10th Mar Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia, Australia (Support: The Screaming Jets)

Thu 11th Mar Convention and Exhibition Centre, Brisbane, Australia (Support: The Screaming Jets)

Sat 13th Mar Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia (Support: The Screaming Jets)

Sun 14th Mar Clipsal 500 After Race Concert, Adelaide, Australia  and

Wed 17th Mar Challenge Stadium, Perth, Australia (Support: The Screaming Jets)

That better Sarah and Mike? :) Enjoy the gig, at least they're coming your way, I wish they'd come back to the States again! That show will also feature another great band in Noiseworks, as well as Ian Moss and Mental As Anything.

3 Doors Down To Perform During Halftime at the Arizona Cardinals Playoff Game

Just posted through the bands MySpace page:

3 Doors Down have put studio time on hold this week to head west for the NFC Wild Card Playoffs!

The band have been invited back by the Arizona Cardinals to perform at their halftime festivities in hopes of being the lucky charm they need to advance in the NFC Playoffs this Sunday, January 10! In January 2009 they made their first appearance at University of Phoenix Stadium for the Cardinals Wild Card victory over Atlanta.

3 Doors Down will be performing two of their #1 hits, including Billboard’s #1 Mainstream Rock Song of the Decade “Kryptonite” and “Its Not My Time” at halftime, kickoff is scheduled at 2:40pm MT.

Ted Nugent stirring things up again ...

It seems Motor City Madman Ted Nugent is in the news again, following his recent interview with Royal Flush Magazine that’s sure to tick off liberals and endear him even more in the hearts of conservatives.

Entertainment website Pollstar posted this opening salvo from the interview with "The Nuge" to start their story coverage of the whole thing.
He stated that he hates Pam Anderson the most, respects “welfare brats” the least and thinks President Obama should be jailed.

Crazy stuff you think? Go to Pollstar to read more, right here:

Uriah Heep'ster Mick Box continues his column writing for UK rock magazine Classic Rock

Apologies to Uriah Heep fans for not mentioning this before and bringing it to your attention, but sole Uriah Heep original member Mick Box, has over the last couple of months, become a bit of a columnist for UK magazine, Classic Rock.
I've read a few of his posts and must say it's great reading, entertaining stuff from Heep wrapping up their final European 2009 tour dates, to travelling back home, the hard way and then some!
The regular piece has been titled after Mick's trademark statement, 'appy Days: The Mick Box column.
Go here to read the 15th and latest installment:

UFO fans, Andy Parker recent Blog update posted

UFO drummer Andy Parker is the bands main spokesperson these days it appears, when he's not doing interviews, he seems to be the only band member posting any update or blog through his own site or the bands!

I just saw the update posted today on the UFO website: but put simply it's a plug for Andy Parker's own:

He actually did the posting on Christmas day or at least that's how his message is posted.

Here's just a little of what Mr. Parker has to share:
" ... time for me to update you all on the happenings in UFO land. It's been some time since my last entry (September, I believe) and needless to say a lot has transpired in the last three months. We took to the road at the beginning of October for the 2009 U.S. tour and I had fully intended to fill you in on our exploits when I returned home in early November.

As usual we started with a couple of days rehearsal in Wilmington, DE, being joined once again by the excellent Mr Rob DeLuca on bass guitar. Many thanks to Don and co. at Sabion Rehearsal Studio and to the manageress at Chili's for returning my mislaid credit card. We then spent the next two weeks criss-crossing the eastern part of the country, Springfield, Akron, and then Milwaukee. Here I hooked up with friend and drum maker extraordinaire Jim Beier, and took posession of my new snare drum (see the gear page). Then on to Pittsburgh, where after a well-deserved night off in a local restaurant, Vinnie (Moore), Rob, Batttttty (UFO's webmaster) and myself waited *three* hours for a cab to take us back to the hotel. Zzzzzzzzzzz!! If there are any out-of-work cabbies reading this, Pittsburgh's the place to be! Next stop Poughkeepsie, Sayreville, then B.B. Kings in NYC. Nice to see Steve Lobmeier from D'Addario and our good pal Mr. Eddie Trunk at the show. Then Sellersville, where Rob entertained his entire family and I got to meet Vinnie's close friends and neighbours, the lovely Hillary and her husband Jeff, and eat one of the best steaks I've ever had into the bargain. Many thanks to Dan and Alyson at the Sellersville Theatre for their hospitality."

Andy goes on to share more info on other dates, before then leading into moving on from US dates to the European dates:

"That concludes the U.S. dates, now on to Europe. As I mentioned earlier the brief gap between the U.S. and Europe seemed non-existent and November 16th saw us conducting 'business as usual' in Germany. Thanks to the fact that we had just finished the U.S. run, and we could now play the set in our sleep, no rehearsals were needed and we went straight into the tour. Not wishing to subject you all to Parker's version of 'War and Peace' I will try and be brief. In the space of twenty-three days, we played nineteen shows in seven different countries. Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland. They were all very well attended and the crowds really enthusiastic, especially the Spanish shows where the venues sounded more akin to soccer stadiums than rock clubs."
To read the whole message from Andy, go here:

Rik Emmett featured in Premier Guitar Magazine

This posted today on Rik Emmett's website:

January 6th, 2010 Rik Featured in the January issue of Premier Guitar Magazine!

Rik has been prominently featured in a wonderful article in Premier Guitar (January 2010) titled “Those Daring Young Men and Their Doubleneck Guitars: A Brief History of Multi-Neck Players”. Also available in print, you can read the online version here:

Foreigner's "Can't Slow Down" available for Pre-order in UK and Europe

OK this just seems crazy to me, but FINALLY ..., Foreigner are about to have their "new" - Cough, cough - album "Can't Slow Down" released in Europe. Why do I say finally?
Well it was released in the USA through Walmart as a double CD and single DVD set back in the Fall (October 2009) and was their first top 30 Billboard album since "Inside Information" back in 1987.
Why they wait 5 more months before releasing it in Europe is beyond me?

This was posted today on the bands website:

January 6, 2010 - 'Can't Slow Down' Now Available for Pre-Order in the UK & Europe!

Can't Slow Down is now available to pre-order in the United Kingdom and Europe at select UK online retailers! The release date for this UK/European version is scheduled for 1 March, 2010 and is priced at £8.99. The release will include the new album and a live DVD.
You can pre-order it through these sites:

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