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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rock News for Saturday 9th January, 2010

Live Nation and Ticketmaster one step closer to merger

It seems stockholders at both Ticketmaster and Live Nation - the two main controllers of live concert and major sporting event ticket sales - at annual meetings held Jan. 8, voted to approve the proposed merger between them.

Sometime back, top representatives within Ticketmaster claimed that this moved would be good for concert goers and that they would look to removing the much dispised additional Ticketmaster / Live Nation fees and charges that annoy us all so much!
Additional costs that on occasion may put a $100 concert ticket at around $130 - 150!
Basically, so many of these increased and outrageous fees and charges have been making shows too expensive for the average concert goer and are now making it similar to many big sporting events, an occasion that will only be for the wealthy rich folks.
Sad indeed if these companies are allowed to continue in this way.

Pollstar posted this yesterday, as they've been following this very closely:
On the Live Nation side, more than 99% of the shares voted were cast in favor of the merger, according to a LN statement. The company’s stockholders also approved all other proposals submitted to a vote, including a proposal to change the company’s name to “Live Nation Entertainment, Inc.” following the completion of the merger.

Ticketmaster's statement was nearly identical, with more than 98% of shares voted in favor of the merger.

Scorpions forthcoming new album, "Sting In The Tail" artwork revealed

Well, not too much more info on this release yet except, The Scorpions have just revealed the artwork for new album "Sting In The Tail."
The new album will be released on March 19. This information was given out here:

At the Scorpions website: I don't see the artwork but there is the information about their upcoming tour, which indicates the album must be about done!

Rock drummers from Pink Floyd and Radiohead in Sudan peace effort

While I know this isn't a "rock" project, it's something involving people from the rock world, prepared to get involved and try to do something to help.

The "Beats For Peace" campaign is an effort to try and prevent further bloodshed in the Sudan.
According to reports about the campaign - this one posted on the BBC news website:
includes contributions from the drummers from Pink Floyd, Radiohead, The Killers and the Police.
The short film / campaign video track behind this project can be viewed here on You Tube:

The film they've is one of a series of events being held in 15 countries calling on world leaders to do more to avoid a return to civil war.

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