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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crazy Lixx - New Religion CD review

Crazy Lixx – New Religion CD review (Frontiers Records)
Released: April 2010

Well, it has to be said that it certainly seems the Frontiers label has gathered themselves, quite the ‘cream of the crop’ when it comes to melodic and hard rock artists and Crazy Lixx from Sweden, who are yet another of that ilk!

With this their second official release, the perhaps misread rockers identified as sleaze are out to prove they are more than capable of a little more. – Current album cover forgiven! If you really like the cover, apologies, personally I think another may have been more in their favour … Just my 2c.

Anyway, all that aside the line up of Danny Rexon (Vocals), Andy Dawson (Guitars), Joey Cirera (Drums) and Luke Rivano on bass, prove that they are a clever bunch of guys, who've written some very catchy songs here!

Opening with ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ certainly set the tone for where this album will take you and yes, you would most certainly be forgiven for thinking you are back in the 80’s again!
An impressive production from Chris Laney too who handled their ‘Loud Minority’ album as well.
Side note – Be careful when you start this album, as the opener starts with the guitar riffing well down in the mix then the whole band explode in, just as you’re cranking it up to try and hear it! LOL!
Yes, it caught me out!

The band has been compared to a few obvious acts already and I guess there are possibly hints of Def Leppard in here, but there are certainly other influences here too, but they do have their own magic touch here too, without a doubt.

‘My Medicine’ hints at Poison meets Def Leppard if you ask me but to get this sound down, still takes a lot from any act to try and pull it off and to be honest, just drawing those comparisons should give you an idea of how this album comes across and yes, its songs if you ask me, are certainly up there with the big hooks, big choruses and much more!

Oh dear, clichéd song title in ’21 ‘til I Die’ would probably instantly make you think Bryan Adams, ’18 ‘til I Die’ but it’s really not. – and I liked that too by the way.;-) – I actually like this song more than that. Danger Danger (The band) kind of spring to mind for me and it’s huge. I love it and yeah, I don’t care how clichéd it may be. This kicks ass!
OK and there are distinct hints of the ‘better’ Bon Jovi material here and there on this album too ...

‘Blame it on Love’ in some small way reminds me a little of Honeymoon Suite, but you know being 4 tracks in now you’ll have got the gist of Crazy Lixx by now and if you like it this far, stick with it as the album sticks with all the quality hook lines you would ever be looking for in a commercial sounding, well produced melodic hard rock album. This one really has got it down.

With ‘Road to Babylon’ hints of the aforementioned bands are present and a seriously big American influence here with this one, strong hooklines, big choruses, big guitars – nice lead break too here.
Most of these songs are short and snappy numbers, so they’re not dragging anything out here.

Uh oh, the opening strains of ‘Children of the Cross’ and even my wife said, ‘Is that Skid Row?’ When this one started in the car but then it moves on to be its own little beauty.
I swear you’ll be driving along singing the chorus to this from the start.

‘The Witching Hour’ literally starts with a wicked sound guitar, this is again a track loaded with those big harmony, multi voice choruses. Nice timing changes here to keep it all the more interesting too and boy does Danny Rexon push his voice here.

Anyone for cowbell?! ‘Lock up Your Daughter’ has that down and dirty sound ala Poison perhaps, but edgier, maybe even a little hint of Kiss?!
You see what I'm saying?!
They really have a great overall sound and I would imagine these guys would be a great live to see, wonder if they’ll get over to the US for some dates? Huge sound here throughout ... Didn't I say that already?

I just keep hearing so many influences here, but I really need to stop on that front!
These guys really have it down with more and more good time, hard rockin’ and rollin’ on this album and you should certainly lap up ‘She’s Mine.’

‘What of Our Love’ is a big time power ballad in a fashion that anyone would be proud of in this game.
Some steel guitar for you with ‘Desert Bloom’ for a slight twist here before the guys come crashing right in, as only they know how to with ‘Voodoo Woman’ on the album’s closer.

Again it’s another track just chock full of hooks and big choruses, as is par for the course here.
Yes, Crazy Lixx have a great album here and again as I’ve said of some other recent acts I’ve covered reviews on - where I’ve not heard their material before - they do follow a trend that really is treading if you will, a fairly safe path.

It’s perhaps not that original in its sound, as it’s all very familiar throughout although they have added their own edge to it.
So yes, Frontiers have another rather good album here, if you still love the big sounds that the 80’s gave us originally and then add a little more edge, say ‘Hi’ to Crazy Lixx!

Overall Rating – Even if a little clichéd: 4 out of 5 – It just plays and sounds so contagious. Fact!

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