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Monday, June 7, 2010

Update - Monday 7th June

Hi everyone, well it seems finally has got things sorted out again, so updates can be added.
Right now I'm working on getting the latest updates to you, but they will not follow until later today ... Sorry for the delay ...

Again, as I've mentioned already, some great material currently in for review, some that quite simply, I don't want to stop playing ..., but obviously there's a lot to get through and it's on the way, so please bear with me. Thanks! :)
I'll also soon have a recent interview I did with Triumph's Gil Moore for you here too, so I hope you'll enjoy that one. We spoke for a while, so you'll have to make yourselves comfortable to read through it!LOL!
Other than that, have a great Monday folks or Tuesday or whatever day it is where you are at.

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