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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Eddie Money (and Jesse Money) live at DTE Energy Music Theatre

Eddie Money (Jesse Money) live at DTE Energy Music Theatre – May 28th, 2010

(Eddie Money picture from Internet source with no credit given.)

Sorry for the delay in getting this review posted, but simply it was a case of having lost my review notes from the gig ... Don't ask! Anyway, here you go, the review.

Eddie Money is a name that has been around in the game for many a year and to simply be honest about it, he looks like he has too! Sorry Eddie but ... That said, even now, every year Eddie seems to still get the Pine Knob / DTE opening weekend gig of the summer season and often closes the season in September too.

While Eddie does look his years, he still has a great back catalogue of songs he always seems to have a great live backing band too and he can still sing them alright too. Admittedly he looks like he’s struggling to get around the stage during his sets, but he doesn’t give up … Eddie, lose the suit man, you’re a rock ‘n’ roller, not a stand up comic!

Over the last few years of catching the ‘Moneymaker’ live, he’s been introducing his daughter Jesse Money to his audience and each year she seems to do a little more, this year she’s Eddie’s opening act.

Sadly, we got to the venue a little late and missed most of her set, but I have to say two things, she looks good – and very pretty. Eddie, there's trouble! - fronting a band no problem and boy, can this girl sing! Watch out for her name going forward, I’m sure we’ll be hearing plenty from her in the future. She seems to lean towards a strong blues rock vibe generally.

Eddie then opens his set with ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ and sure enough, he’s got Jessie in his backing band and the band sounds good, as does Eddie.
Next we get ‘I Think I’m In Love,’ which along with ‘Two Tickets …’ has really got the crowd up on their feet.
Eddie is always loved by the Detroit crowd.

Moving on, he includes a tribute to Motown legend – Well, it is a Detroit gig! – Smokey Robinson with ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me,’ which of course impresses here.
After a couple of older album tracks that didn’t seem that well known by the crowd, time for a new song.

Dedicated to the troops fighting for all causes that the USA supports globally, who are sent overseas to Iraq and Afghanistan. The song is called ‘One More Soldier’s Coming Home,’ which was co-written with local Detroit musician Greg Stryker.
Side note – Here’s a link to a You Tube video:
Great song and certainly got the attention and support of the crowd tonight.

Eddie asks next if anyone wants to take a trip with him down to Mexico … Didn’t really follow that, as next song is ‘Gimme Some Water (Cool, Cool Water)?’ Still the song’s another winner here.

He then cracks some jokes about having a drink since the Police took his license away, but now he’s got it back – Says this every year … - and goes on with, ‘but I’d better watch it though as my probation officer is in tonight …!’

Next is ‘Trinidad,’ a popular song with die hard Money fans and gets Eddie playing some Sax for us. Good one.
Then back to his banter with the crowd, about Detroit’s famous sons like Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, Bob Seger and Kid Rock and asks to be considered as Detroit adopted son as he always gets such a great welcome here. The crowd clearly give their approval!

Then through some classics with ‘I Wanna Go Back’ and ‘Take Me home Tonight,’ before ‘Give a Little Bit of My Lovin’,’ ‘You Should be Sleeping’ and ‘(Ain’t Got) No Control.’

Throughout the evening, I’ve got to tell you that Eddie’s daughter Jessie is pretty much stealing the show!
She’s all over the stage, interacting with her Dad and she is clearly, one hot young lady that brings Eddie to tell her to, ‘Go and get some clothes on!’ She can move, sing and clearly is full of self confidence and the cameraman – for the venue’ video screens – can’t leave her alone either!

Next was ‘Wanna Be a Rock and Roll Star’ before he introduced the band in full.
I must add that Eddie’s band really were cooking tonight, on their game and especially Tommy Girvin’s guitar work, strong keys from Chris Grove and a solid rhythm section in Lee Beverley (Bass) and Glenn Symmonds (Drums).

So it seems as things get closer to that grand finale, it’s time for the Eddie Money hit juke box, as we get, ‘Walk on Water’ – Possibly my fav Eddie Money song. – then ‘Baby Hold On To Me,’ and ‘Where’s the Party?’
Unbelievable how Eddie just keeps going, as its clear the guy has got to be dying in that suit, even if he has lost the jacket!

Eddie then pulls out 2 local musicians to jam with him and the band, a lead vocalist Brandon Calhoon – Well known locally – and another guitarist, who’s name I didn’t catch?
They jammed a new song from Calhoon called ‘Detroit.’ Pretty good diversion before they closed the set.

A good night had by all and as I say, keep an eye and ear out for Eddie’s daughter Jesse Money, you’ll find out soon enough I’m sure.
3.5 out of 5 for a simply fun evening with the Moneyman.

FYI - Jesse Money apparently doesn't have an official website, but you can read more about her here:
There appear to be two MySpace pages created, dedicated to her, but what's official is anyones guess?
Eddie's site is:  

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