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Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday 28th June, 2010

Hi all, yes, I know .... Where's the news Al ....?
Sorry, busy day yesterday, as well as watching England follow the USA out of the World Cup, I did get to a great show last night with Foreigner, Styx and Kansas ... Review will be up later this week.
Sadly while we could hear - most of - Kansas' set, we missed it while we were backstage catching up with Foreigner briefly. Long wait for short meeting, ah well ...
I have pictures from the Foreigner set, not from Kansas or Styx though, although Styx sounded great and looked great ... As always!

Interviews are being typed up - Sorry, takes a long time and this site doesn't have the bandwidth to upload the sound files ... Sigh ... It would be so much easier.
So, be a little patient with me today folks, it was a late night last night so news updates will follow later. Alun

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