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Monday, October 4, 2010

Logan - The Great Unknown album review

Logan – The Great Unknown album review
Released on: Mesa / Bluemoon records. Release date: October 5th, 2010

Logan are clearly a talented young Scottish band, I didn’t think they’d even released an album yet, but it turns out they’ve actually already released 5 albums!
They’re certainly getting noticed now though, as they’ve already opened for Bon Jovi, played the UK’s Download festival last year too, so here they come again with a brand new and strong album number six!
I have to be honest, I had never heard of these guys before until I received a press release on the band and started to get interested and checked them out.

I do have to say though, that their cited influences are very clear in their sound, seriously, but it’s very solid and very good!
On their website they cite their biggest influences so it’s already been given away but the mix they have on this album is great and captures a sound that lovers of say Pearl Jam, 3 Doors Down, STP, Creed, Nickelback, Daughtry and even Alice in Chains should enjoy and add to that the album is produced by Kevin Elson should speak volumes!

This is an album that I’ve been enjoying in the car quite a bit, opening title track ‘The Great Unknown’ is certainly very good and builds from quiet through the verses to rocking in the choruses, nice structure overall, great mix and grabbed to listen further.
I will say I thought at times the track was getting ready to grow more, really take off and totally rock out, but it’s what keeps you curious as to where they’ll go from here. Clever!

It’s funny you know, I know the band is Scottish so I guess if I mention Big Country, perhaps I could be forgiven in my reference here, but I often hear a hint of that in 3 Doors Down sound sometimes – I know they’re not Scottish, but I sometimes hear hints in their sound that they may have been influenced by Big Country, just slightly.

‘The Rock and Roll Way,’ is next and reminds me of say STP meets AIC. Crunching stop, start power chords as it chugs away.

OK, the Pearl Jam / Creed ‘ism’s really show through on ‘When I Get Down’ next and it’s certainly solid enough as it builds and rocks away.
‘Save Me’ next is in a very similar vein to the opening title track, doesn’t really take off, keeping a slower steady tempo and is more like semi power ballad territory.

‘Jump in Again’ starts laid back and then the power chords kick in but it still retains a slower pace, just picking up slightly more for the chorus, with a very obvious string orchestral sound backing the track up. Nice guitar solo here too.

‘Hallowed Ground’ sounds a little darker after some almost G ‘n’ R / Slash style opening guitar play, then it’s get dark and dirty with its chord structure and moody vocals, so very apt for the song title I guess. The guitar solo here plays out a little strange to me, but interesting stuff. Guitar licks are very Slash like in sound here and there.

Starting slowly again and building up again, with multi layers of sound – As seems to be the trademark here – ‘Brother’ comes next with some really nice guitar work here, the orchestral backing again shines through too. A nod towards Creed again here, although a little darker towards the end and a flash solo too, not bad.

In ‘Lost and Found’ I’d say it’s their most commercial track here, a lot more mainstream melodic rock track, perhaps alongside the opening title track. If you could imagine Bon Jovi playing a track in this style, perhaps with all the harmonies Logan have applied here, it may sound like this.

Sounding - obviously intentionally - slightly off key at the start is ‘Spin the Wheel’ in its sound, it’s kind of in a Nickelback vein to a degree, so staying on track with keeping it all familiar sounding, so it certainly works in staying true to their sound.

Don’t worry, ‘Born to Run’ next is not a cover of the Bruce Springsteen track, but it is one the more laid back tracks on here.
Then a darker sound returns for ‘Hurricane’ next, that chugs along in an almost Metallica vein through the verse, based on some of the riffs and song structure, right down to the solo. Keeping things interesting!

‘Hold My Hand’ is a slower number from the start, but then sure enough picks up a couple of minutes in, then a nice lead break plays in before some orchestrated string sounds and then the song builds up again to rock out towards the end. Nice track.

The next two tracks here are identified as bonus tracks, so I guess you may or may not have them on your copy of the album.
First up is ‘Gone’ which sounds a slightly different song directionally, with some nice harmony guitar, short licks that make things rather cool for me. It’s a slow to mid-paced track that’s certainly a little different.

Final number is ‘Light It Up’ which has a little punky riff that shows up here and there throughout before moving into a chug along number. There’s no denying they have catchy choruses throughout the album.

There’s no doubt in my mind, with the continued level of exposure they have had to date, that Logan should be able to catch the wave that many of the aforementioned acts have already ridden.

Certainly a solid release worthy of some attention and I wish them well with this.
Rating: 3.75 out of 5
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