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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Very Brief Update for Tuesday 5th October, 2010

Well folks, as I mentioned previously there's very few new Press Releases coming through right now to share with you and without scouring the web for a lifetime, there not a whole bunch of new news to share, so you've probably noticed that it's allowed me to catch up on reviews.

Four new ones for you over these past four days, happy?
Seriously the John Norum album is a great solid rockin' blues inspired release, Ozzy ..., well, it really didn't do enough for me, the Rush DVD is great and Scottish band Logan have just released a very good album, so there you have it!

More reviews on the way and who knows, maybe I'll finally get that interview typed up!!! That's a tough one.

Some brief news references here though ...
Sad to hear that late last week Tesla's studio run by band bassist Brian Wheat burned down, hopefully they didn't lose any new material. Some more details here: and at the bands site

Rumours are doing the rounds that Supertramp may reunite with Roger Hodgson are reported at Classic Rock magazine:
Keep track of official Supertramp news at:

Other than that, pretty quiet all round.
Have a good day folks!


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