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Monday, June 13, 2011

Killinger debut album review

Killinger debut album review
Released on: Sunmor Entertainment/BDG. Release date: (Changed)August 30th, 2011

Killinger are a young four piece band from Edmonton, Canada and are made up of frontman Dave Williams, lead guitarist Kevin Morin, bassist R. J. Killinger (whose last name serves the band well as its moniker) and drummer Chris Challice.

The band is clearly influenced by a number of hard rocking bands – I’d say – from the 70’s right through to present day.
For their debut album they’ve called on the services of Producer Rick Plester (Michael Schenker, George Lynch).

There’s a modern rock sound clear enough, but with opening rocker of a track ‘We Are Here,’ I’m very much reminded in general of German rockers Bonfire and in other areas, I would tend to say they have a sound that mixes British rockers Tygers of Pan Tang from the Jon Deverill era, then hints of (Iron) Maiden, Diamond Head, Saxon and sometimes the attitude of Beastie Boys (I know, I know!). There’s also a swagger not unlike more recent rockers Silvertide, now disbanded ... Remember them anyone?

Guitarist Rick Morin has quite a unique style when it comes to the solos, but the big power chord riffs through the verses of many songs here, often remind me of say Saxon or even Metallica, but then some are tuned down too.

On vocals Dave Williams, seems to have a voice that as already mentioned sounds at times like Jon Deverill, but on second track ‘Never Change’ I’d go so far as to say he sounds a little like Paul Di’Anno, from his Iron Maiden days.

It’s a pretty heavy track, that also features guest George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob). Williams also has moments that remind me of Klaus Meine (Scorpions).

Next track, ‘Holding On,’ seems to have a slightly more commercial edge, but it’s still got the crunching riffs throughout and then there’s some harmony guitar soloing too. Good one.

‘The Gun’ seems to be perhaps the track that does the least for me and it then gets a little repetitive to be honest and then ‘Crazy Things’ up next kind of has the same impact, especially with the first nod towards the Beastie Boys in the pre-chorus.
The album starts well and very encouraging but then it seems to lose a little something for me …

Then more Beastie Boys impact for me, with ‘I Don’t Care’ in the chorus, otherwise it’s a mid-paced style rocker.

A kind of thrashy grungy feel is the name of the gang in ‘King of the Kill,’ which again doesn’t grab me too much.

‘The Sky’ picks things up a little more, trying a more commercial direction and Dave Williams throws in a vocal ala Klaus Meine while guitarist Morin gives us an almost Michael Schenker style solo, but the song towards the end repeats a little too much.

The song style continues with the more commercial side with ‘You Still Love Me,’ big chorus and nice solo.

A power ballad believe it or not next, in an almost Poison type vein with ‘Listen,’ amidst all the crunching riffs throughout the album otherwise. It’s not bad at all, as the end of the album gets closer.

‘Got To Have You’ has a catchy pop metal type sound, the driving guitar riffs though having that Beastie Boy type sound again, short and sweet solo though.

Last track, ‘Illuminati’ has an urgent vibe about it as it kicks in and it builds to catchy pre-chorus, but the chorus seems a little frenetic. The quick solo has moments of about it, but then it kicks back to that crazy chorus before riffing to the end and then some atmospheric guitar to finish.

There really are moments here where I really like the bands punchy sound and overall feel, but then sometimes perhaps the songs are not so consistent.

To be completely honest, I’m not quite sure where Killinger is looking to fit in, as I say, there are certainly moments of some big catchy metal style, then a little grungy metal and then the almost borderline rocking rap type shouted chorus.
It is a debut album and the band is tight, a strong lead vocalist and lead guitarist too, so lets see what album # two brings.
Good luck guys!

Rating: 3 out of 5
(Killinger photo by Kori Deby)
Official band site:

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