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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

News slight update for Tuesday 26th July, 2011

Hi again all, well not too much for you in todays news, but I have another giveaway, thanks to those great people at Universal Music once again!
It's the Doobie Brothers, 'Live at the Greek Theatre - Farewell Tour 1982.' I have a copy of both the DVD and CD to giveaway and the first person to provide the correct answer can take their pick of which one they'd like. Second person that guesses right gets the other, first come first served as there is only one copy of each format.
The question will be at the end of today's news items, with the giveaway details and rules, so read on, enjoy the update and then give it a shot at the giveaway, how's that?!
Cheers, Al

Thin Lizzy's entire French 'Hellfest' performance streamed live

So, you didn't get to see Thin Lizzy on their latest tour, but you've heard all the good things about the current line up right ...? So, you want to check 'em out without leaving your home?
Well, the French website for 'Hellfest' is streaming the whole Lizzy performance for all to see, free!
Go here to watch the whole performance that run for just under an hour:

Good stuff if you ask me!
Looking forward to the band returning to the US later this year with Judas Priest and Black Label Society, should be a good one.

Also, in related news, the Thin Lizzy performance this past weekend at the UK's High Voltage festival, is available on CD - As are many of the other performers, I know ... - so go here if you'd like to pick up a copy:

Editor's note: My only complaint with this is they don't show any tracklisting?!

For all things Lizzy, keep tabs at:

Journey interviewed on CBS this past Sunday

Isn't Video footage, for example the likes of You Tube, for the most part, great?!
For anyone that didn't catch Journey on CBS this past Sunday morning, you can check out an interview that Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain and Arnel Pineda did there, right here:

Catch the band if you can, currently on tour of North America with Foreigner and Night Ranger, for a killer show no doubt.

For all the details on the tour and any other bits and pieces that are Journey related right here: report Aerosmith still moving forward with 'old school' style release

Peter Hodgson for has posted the following update on the band:

An Aerosmith insider says the band’s new album will have a definite “old school” vibe, helped along by the work of legendary producer Jack Douglas.

In an update on their official website, the band’s “behind the scenes guru” John B. said the recording was shaping up to sound like vintage Aerosmith, although he stopped short of directly comparing the new tracks to the band’s classic ’70s output.

“The age-old question from most people is, Will it sound like Rocks? C’mon folks, I think that is an unfair question, but what I will say is that this will sound like vintage Aerosmith,” John B. wrote. Joey’s (Kramer) playing with the precision of an ‘Omega Speedmaster Professional’ and gets as funky as Clyde Stubblefield on his best days. Go ahead and say ‘yeah that’s what he gets paid to say’ but I am telling you this stuff is going to blow you guys away, for shizzle.”

Aerosmith’s last album of original material was Just Push Play in 2001, although they released Honkin’ on Bobo, a blues covers album produced by Douglas, in 2004. Douglas was also behind the desk for 1974’s Get Your Wings and 1975’s Toys in the Attic.

“Jack reminds me of Doc Brown from Back to the Future,” John B. wrote. “He seems crazy as a loon but also as sane as a mental health counselor. He does bring an old school vibe with him but that doesn’t mean that this record is going to be the second coming of Rocks.”

I'll guess we'll all just have to wait and see ....!

Official band site:

Doobie Brothers giveaway contest


OK, well, here we go, if you want to grab yourself a copy of the Eagle Rock (Through Universal) release of the 'Doobie Brothers - Live at the Greek Theatre 1982' on their farewell tour at that time, here's the question.
First correct answer can pick, either the CD or DVD and the second correct answer get's the other one!

In the current line up of the Doobie Brothers, which four members also appeared on the recording of 'Live at the Greek Theatre?'
Now I wonder, are there any true Doobie Brothers fans out there that can figure this one out?
If so, the first person to drop me the answer, takes their pick of the two prizes.

Giveaway rules:
1. Answers to me at:
2. Please provide your full name and postal address.
3. The contest is open to US and Canadian residents only.
4. Please understand, there are ONLY two copies, one signed, one not and the editors decision is final.
5. Closing date is Monday August 1st, 2011.

I'll tell you folks, I haven't even got to fully see my DVD of the show, for my review, but it's coming!
My thanks to Andie at Universal for her assistance!

Official band website:

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