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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Late News Update for Wednesday 5th October, 2011

Scorpions 'Comeblack' album tracklisting revealed

You know, how genuine can this be, if it's not from the Scorpions website, it's not from their Facebook or even their MySpace ..., but it's on Finland fans Facebook pages ...?
So I'm guessing there has to be a leak within the groups organisation, somewhere ...
No smoke without fire, right?
There is a French Scorpions website, that seems to have most of the details on when the album will be available and the artwork.

Anyway, I'm just wanting to share with you what I have found, so here we go!

'Comeblack' album Tracklisting (According to Scorpions fan forum):

1.Rhythm Of Love
2. No One Like You
3. The Zoo
4. Rock You Like A Hurricane
5. Blackout
6. Still Loving You
7. Wind Of Change.

8. Tainted Love (Soft Cell),
9. Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex)
10. Across The Universe (The Beatles)
11. Tin Soldier (Small Faces)
12. All Day And All Of The Night (The Kinks)
13. Ruby Tuesday (The Rolling Stones).

Info from:
 Album available (In France anyway ...) on November 4th, 2011:

French Scorpions Fansite:

So there you go!
The band's official sites are:

Saxon are on the road again ..., in North America!

Yes, British rocking metal band Saxon are hard on the tour trail in support of their latest album, 'A Call To Arms,' just released here in the US last week on the 27th September.

Reports so far are that fans are loving the set list and they've got a great mix of their back catalogue, so by all accounts, miss this tour at your loss!
Check this out:
  • Encore:

  • Encore 2:

    Here's the message that frontman Biff Byford posted at the band's website:

    Hi, Hope you are all well.

    Just done ten interviews in five hours with American press ( the first of many) looks like they all like the new album which comes out 27th Sep. First time we've toured there on an album release for some time looking forward to a great tour of USA and South America.

    As we now have a web shop maybe we could start a thread on which retro shirt design you would like to buy, for me I think the first album with the warrior would be good. The two most voted for will stand a good chance of going into production.

    As you know we are doing a second tour of Europe and the UK. This would have been a unheard of three years ago, so lets get to it see you on tour.

    Never surrender
    Keep the faith


    By the way would you like us to do the same as we did in Japan and play the whole of Denim and Leather on the tour. (yes or no would be ok)

    Also, here's a special video that the band has put out to coincide with the tour, sounds good to me!

    Official band website:

     David Lee Roth opens up to

    Well, this was posted recently over at the fan run Van Halen site, (Van Halen News Desk, if you hadn't figured it out!), telling things from David Lee Roth side of things.
    There are NO specific Roth statements, just VHND's interpretation of what he has apparently told them, here's that update.

    First, VHND can confirm that the Facebook and twitter pages for David Lee Roth that popped up last week are 100% official. Roth’s twitter post was simply “Get Ready for…”

    Since Roth has chosen to set up his social networking pages during this “calm before the storm”, we’ve decided to address some lingering rumors regarding his status in the band since rejoining Van Halen. Because of the fact that Roth hasn’t publicly spoken since the Van Halen tour ended three years ago, some fans have speculated that he might be under some sort of “gag order” that’s in place until the entire band agrees that it’s time talk. (After all, he’s David Lee Roth! And Diamond Dave loves the press, right?!)

    The truth is, there is no such rule and that Dave has stayed silent by his own volition. This fits with his patterns in the past as well. Roth does not do widespread publicity if there is nothing yet to promote. People forget that even during Van Halen’s early years, Roth would escape to secluded jungles in South America or Papua New Guinea, or go hike some high peaks in the Himalayas for weeks at a time when there were breaks in Van Halen action. He likes to completely disappear from the public eye just as much as he loves the spotlight.

    Also, David is an FULL member in the band Van Halen, and has been since he rejoined in 2006 for the 2007-2008 tour. As with all band partnerships, issues that affect the band are voted on…and in certain situations a single vote can veto. We just want to clarify that Dave has an equal vote – just as significant as Edward’s, Alex’s and Wolfgang’s.

    Another recent rumor that we want to address stated that Eddie Van Halen was unsatisfied with some of Roth’s vocals on the upcoming album, and that supposedly Eddie forced Dave to rerecord some of them. There was never any truth to this rumor. In reality, the vocals were completed several months ago and Eddie, along with everyone else, was very satisfied with them. Also, being equal partners, it’s wrong to assume that under any circumstances Eddie Van Halen could “order” anyone in the band to do anything. This is a band with four equal members. They collaborate and they agree or disagree. As we said, Eddie was not unhappy with the vocals once completed, and even if he was he could not order Roth back to the studio.

    We have heard from three insiders who have heard some or all of the album, and they all report that the vocals sound great. We hear that the band has been getting along just fine and that planning for next year’s album and tour is running smoothly.
    It’s the calm before the storm, everyone!

    So what next, will Eddie speak up or will we finally get an official VH press release that tells us WHEN the new album IS coming out and what it will be called!
    Story source:

    Chickenfoot reveal '3' Roadtest tour dates

    Fans of Chickenfoot, don't go getting too excited, the band has only revealed five, yes, FIVE live shows, to go hand in hand with the release of the band's second album, '3.'
    Confused? It seems to be the case that it's what they want to do to us all out here!

    The band that features Red Rocker Sammy Hagar (Lead vocals and guitar), Joe Satriani (Guitars), Michael Anthony (Bass and Vocals), Chad Smith (Drums - On the album) and Kenny Aronoff (Drums - on live dates), have been plugging the new album with TV appearances, radio interviews and TV commercials / adverts.

    The five 'exclusive' dates are as follows:


    Tues. Nov. 1st - Warfield Theatre, San Francisco, CA
    Wed. Nov. 2nd - The Avalon / Bardot Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
    Fri. Nov. 4th - The Pageant, St. Louis, MO
    Sat. Nov. 5th - Metro / Smart Bar, Chicago, IL
    Tues. Nov. 8th - Webster Hall, New York, NY

    Official band website:
    Yngwie Malmsteen's North American tour kicks off in October.

    (New York, NY) - It's been a long wait for American and Canadian fans ...but come this October guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen will make his triumphant return to North American stages with a Fall headlining tour. In support of Malmsteen's latest release 'RELENTLESS.'
    The trek will kick off on Thursday, October 13th at New York City's Irving Plaza. 
    Please see below for the itinerary, more dates will be announced shortly:


    13th, New York, NY Irving Plaza
    14th, Albany, NY Northern Lights
    15th, Silver Spring, MD Fillmore
    18th, Montreal, QC Club Soda
    19th, Toronto, ON Phoenix
    21st, Chicago, IL House Of Blues
    23rd, Denver, CO Bluebird Theatre
    26th, San Francisco, CA Fillmore
    28th, Anaheim, CA House Of Blues
    29th, Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia


    1st, Houston, TX House Of Blues
    2nd, Dallas, TX House Of Blues
    4th, Orlando, FL House of Blues
    5th, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, Revolution

    Released late last year, Yngwie Malmsteen's aptly-named latest album 'RELENTLESS', contains more than 60 minutes of new material and showcases the guitar great at his best with the signature virtuosity and mind-blowing technical speed for which he has come to be known. 
    The album also features striking vocals from Tim "Ripper" Owens (Judas Priest, Iced Earth), who first collaborated with Malmsteen on 2008's critically-acclaimed 'PERPETUAL FLAME' (Malmsteen's first album for the Rising Force Records label). 
    'RELENTLESS' has received rave reviews from both critics and fans alike.

    Official website:

    Marco Mendoza lines up low key home gig, this Friday

    Marco Mendoza, the man behind the bass where you'll have previously seen him live with Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent and Soul SirkUS, is playing a low key home town gig this Friday night.
    Be prepared or warned, that most of his solo gigs are not typically as hard rocking as his history reflects. They are more jazz fusion, with bits and pieces thrown in!
    Indeed check out the man's own solo work and you'll see exactly what I mean. 

    Here's the show details:

    The Marco Mendoza Trio feat. Jeff Kollman
    Date: Friday October 7, 2011 - 8:00PM
    Tickets: $20.00

    Alvas Showroom
    1417 W 8th Street
    San Pedro, CA 90732

    Official Marco Mendoza website:

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