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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Brief News update for Sunday 2nd October, 2011

Hi folks, busy days so sorry about the lack of updates lately, sometimes wish this site was all I had to do, at least for one week, I could get so much done!
Anyway, enough of my gripes, here's some updates. Cheers, Al

John Sykes and Mike Portnoy have teamed up ...

OK, this is old news to many perhaps and somehow I missed it when this originally did the rounds.
Yes, John Sykes (Tygers of Pan Tang, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, Blue Murder) and Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater) have teamed up to form a new Supergroup - of sorts. - with an as yet un-named bassist and it's an un-named band too!

My money is on Marco Mendoza ... It's just a feeling I have, as since Lizzy have no new product coming out anytime soon - Please prove me wrong guys?! - and he's already done his solo album not so long ago and plays solo live shows as and when, I think this could be his next project.
Marco and John, I believe really clicked in Lizzy and Marco also played on the second Blue Murder album, 'Nothin' but Trouble.'
I guess we'll see in due course though.

What's strange is this announcement came, during the recording of both guys appearance on the latest series of 'That Metal Show' on VH1 Classic, that took place July 25th that is due to be broadcast next Saturday night 8th October, 2011 at 11pm EST.

Initial information on this has been posted at Eddie Trunk's site here:

Also, John Sykes plugged this very briefly on his site (That is rarely updated): got this info from Mike Portnoy:
"Yes, this is what I've been working on here in LA for the last week or so (as well as a few days at the end of May)" said the drummer, "John and I have been working with a bass player as well (no, not Dug Pinnick (Kings X)) and the announcement of who it is will be made at a later point... let's just say it is a completely ridiculous modern-day power trio!!!"
"We've demo-ed 12 songs so far and will begin recording the album in the Fall" continued the drummer, "Eddie (Trunk) did NOT spill any beans on me ... the plan all along was to announce this on THAT METAL SHOW and make no mistake about it, this announcement was THEIR exclusive to announce regardless of whoever is now reporting it. For the record, this is a new "real BAND" for me, and Adrenaline Mob is also a new "real BAND" for me. I will divide my time as best as I can between the two (hey, if Corey Taylor and Jim Root, Mike Patton, Joe Satriani and Chad Smith, Zakk Wylde all can do it, so can I!) and I am equally excited by both... as they are both amazing new bands, but VERY different worlds musically... so there's really no clash creatively. Timing wise, Adrenaline Mob is happening NOW... and my band with Sykes wont be released (until) later next year... so they'll be able to co-exist just fine!"
No official site for the project yet, so my best advice to you is follow Mike Portnoy here:

Marco Mendoza is selling his Bass guitar used Thin Lizzy / Soul SirkUS

Star and classy bassist Marco Mendoza (Blue Murder, John Sykes, Thin Lizzy, Ted Nugent, Soul SirkUS, Whitesnake) is selling his Bass guitar that he used in Thin Lizzy and Soul Sirkus and he's put it up for sale on eBay.

This bass was actually used and can be heard on the Thin Lizzy's - 'Live - One Night Only' CD.

One Night Only: Live 1999

Official Marco site:

UK rockers Glyder share update ...

How about this update from Irish rockers Glyder ...

Hi Everyone,
Things are heating up now for the release of the fourth Glyder album "Backroads to Byzantium" We have been busy and there is lots of news to report,

See Glyder on Televison, a short documentary on the band on Nationwide RTE1
on October 10th after the 6 O' Clock news.
If you are outside Ireland you can see it here on the 11th October

We Shot a video for the track "Fade to Dust" from the new album, it has become
something of a minor YouTube hit with 2000 views in 48hrs. Please share it, email it
and help us spread the word, it all helps!!

The main Glyder website has been updated and come along and interact with us on social networks,
Visit us on Facebook :
Follow on Twitter :
Join the mailing list on and get a free download
of "Something she knows"

19th Nov. ALBUM LAUNCH The Diamond Rock club, Ballymena, Northern Ireland

7th Oct Opening for Y&T, Spring and Airbrake, Belfast
8th Oct Opening for Y&T, The Village, Dublin

The album comes out on 7th October in Germany, 11th October in UK and Ireland
and mainland Europe, 25th October in the USA. Please purchase a copy in your, or from iTunes or what ever digital store you use.

The reviews have been grea so far and we promise you wont be disappointed so please buy a
copy and support the band, the more we sell the sooner we get the band back out on the road...
keep rockin and feel free to send us any feedback good or bad!!
Official site:

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