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Friday, November 18, 2011

Quick note for Friday November 18th, 2011

Hi folks, yes, it's been kind of quiet here I know ...
This week has been another crazy one, kids fighting sickness and I guess lack of sleep catching up with me!
Yes, there's news out there but my primary focus right now is trying to get some updated reviews to you all, hope to post a new live review from last weekend later today or tonight at the latest.

CD reviews I am way behind on and perhaps I need to start doing 'mini review's' since there are so many to keep up with ... Hmm, we'll see ...

Meantime, I digress and recommend to you to keep track of one Andrew McNiece at who seems to be getting some great scoops lately and it seems my contacts are not coming through for me, so I tend at those times to default to scouring the web for what stories I can for you.
Anyway, lunchtime is up and I must run. Later, Al

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