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Monday, November 14, 2011

Quick Note for Monday 14th November, 2011

Hey folks, well WOW, what a weekend that was, saw a couple of really good gigs.
Perhaps many visitors here may not be fans of Bret Michaels or even Poison for that matter, but I have to tell you that this past Saturday night, he and his solo band DID put on a good show. For rockers, it was loud, for rock critics, the band got the numbers down well and for a show, well no pyros there but Michaels certainly know how to entertain, even if the set was only an hour long. - Full review coming soon!

Last night though, finally I got to catch up with seeing the rejuvenated, inspired current line up of Thin Lizzy at Detroit's Joe Louis Arena, as opening act for Judas Priest ... You really wouldn't know they were an opening act, as they take things way more seriously out on stage. They want the punters to go home remembering, that Lizzy rocked the house and they did, yes, they really did.
Rhonda and I were also fortunate enough to spent just over an hour with Lizzy too and this allowed me to ask a whole bunch of current questions, not just on Lizzy, but to Marco Mendoza on what he's up to when Lizzy takes a breather and Darren Wharton on Dare's activities and some other interesting stuff and of course, of Scott Gorham too.
Since we did this, we did not catch any of Black Label Society's set, we lost track of time while we were there and before we knew it, time had flown!

One thing I will share right now, is that I spoke with all of the other guys too, Brian Downey, Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson as well and what is seriously promising is that it seems certain, that we will see a new Thin Lizzy album!
They are working through ideas now on the road, that they are getting buzzed about and with - so it seems - more and more of Lizzy older fans acceptance of this line up. I have to say, I was very impressed. - Full review to follow, along with Priest too.

Judas Priest's stage show just seems to get more and more impressive, unfortunately my photo pass only allowed me to shoot the support acts, NOT Priest, so what I got from our seats was sadly as good as I could get.
They were likewise impressive and Rob Halford never ceases to amaze me - And everyone else! - with those bloody high notes he can hit and hold! Incredible! Again, a full review to follow ...

No big news update right now, the weekend was all rush, rush ... Of course though no doubt everyone that's a rock fan has heard this past weekend that Black Sabbath are reuniting to headline at the UK's Download Festival on one of the three days. Metallica on another ...

Also word is out that Robin McAuley (Ex-Grand Prix, Far Corporation, M.S.G.) is no longer with Survivor, after five years there. Perhaps he gave up waiting to record an album.
My hope is that he will hook up with Michael Schenker again, I think it would do them both good.
More to follow later.  
Cheers for now folks,

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