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Monday, January 2, 2012

Special slight update for Monday January 2nd, 2012

Phillip Lynott remembered and special show to be broadcast on Ireland's RTE

(Phil Lynott photo from

On January 4th, 1986, the world of rock sadly lost a legendary singer / frontman / bassist / songwriter / producer and all round entertainer in former Thin Lizzy / Grand Slam mainman Phillip Lynott.

The man, his music and poetry had such an impact on so many people and not just musicians, that his memory remains constant in the minds of so many of us still today.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't think - IMO - I have ever been as impressed in a live gig situation by anyone, as much as when I saw Phil fronting Thin Lizzy. He was a star, who loved the spotlight. Sadly he also loved the life that came with it, just a little too much as he paid the price for his overindulgence, that fateful day, when his bodys' immune system could fight no more against the pneumonia that had taken a hold of the man's body. His immune system sadly did not have the resources left to put up any more fight.
A great loss indeed, still to this day.

As I say his memory does live on in so many people and to Ireland, he was really the country's first real international rock star and tonight on Ireland's RTE, a special show is to be broadcast in memory of the legend, as the anniversary of his passing closes in.
Details are:

Tonight Monday 2nd Jan, 2012 at 22:55 - 23:55pm

RTÉ One (Documentary)
Profile of the Thin Lizzy frontman.

For those international fans, like myself ..., RTE does usually rebroadcast certain shows here:

Indeed it is most likely being broadcast tonight, as each year since his passing Phillip Lynott is remembered at the annual 'Vibe for Philo' event in Dublin and this year will be no different ...

The 25th Vibe for Philo will take place in Dublin on the 4th January 2011.

The Vibe for Philo is an annual commemoration event dedicated to Thin Lizzy frontman Phil Lynott and staged in Dublin on 4th January each year on the anniversary of his death. The show owes its origin to a personal request by Lynott to old friend Smiley Bolger in the aftermath of the 1981 Alternative Song Contest at McGonagles Nightclub in Dublin “Do a Vibe for me sometime.” Following Lynott’s death Bolger set out to fulfil that promise, staging the first “Ode to a Blackman” show at the Northumberland Arms on Goodge Street, London, in 1987 featuring among others original Thin Lizzy Guitarist Eric Bell and Pogue Philip Chevron. After this it reverted to Dublin, Lynott’s hometown, where it has been staged ever since.

Since it’s inauguration in 1987 The Vibe for Philo has helped to inspire, nurture, and assist other such events in Toronto, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, Stockholm, Holland, Belgium, Scotland, The UK, Germany and Denmark, among others. Uniquely it has always been staged on January 4th, rather than the nearest weekend date as other shows have done. It provided the launch-venue for the Roisin Dubh Trust at the 6th Vibe, with which it works closely but is not directly involved with. However, Philips mother, Philomena, is a regular participant, and her address to the audience has become a regular highlight of each event.

Over the past 24 years Ex-Thin Lizzy members Eric Bell (1,4, 5, 10, 18, 20), Brian Downey (4, 5, 10, 11,12,) Brian Robertson (5, 9, 12, 15, 20), Scott Gorham (10), John Sykes (10), Darren Wharton (10, 13), Midge Ure (10, 17), and John “Irish” Earl (13, 15), have all participated in the Vibe. In addition Lynott’s other bands and associates such as Grandslam/ Three Musketeers/ Phil Lynott Soul Band (Doish Nagle, Laurence Archer, Robbie Brennan, Gus Isadore, Jerome Rimson), Orphanage (Pat Quigley, Joe Staunton ) as well as Jimmy Faulkner, Brush Shields, and Ditch Cassidy, have all played sets at the show.

Readings of Lynott’s poetry have been given by Jim Fitzpatrick (Artist/ Lizzy Album Cover Designer); Steve Collins (World Champion Boxer); and Street Poet Pat Ingelsby.

The annual 'Vibe for Philo' gig in Mr Lynott's memory takes place at Dublin's Button Factory on Wednesday.
For more information on the event, go here:

In related news, an astonishing discovering has come to light, in the discovery of a hoard of rare and unreleased materials that belonged to Phil Lynott, that he left with a 'friend.'
In June 2012, a release of some of this material is due to take place, after screening by both original Thin Lizzy drummer Brian Downey and long time Lizzy guitarist, Scott Gorham.
For more information on this, go to:

I for one greatly look forward to seeing and hearing, what will be shared with us all.

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