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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wednesday January 4th, 2012

Remembering Phillip Lynott
Born August 1949 - Died January 1986

Here's some memories that I have, where I met Phil Lynott backstage and had him sign some single covers ...
Thanks Phil!

My biggest regret as a young lad, I spent so much of my money on singles, albums, cassettes, concert tickets, etc that I never bought myself a camera ... Huge regrets, considering how many shows I went to.

'Sarah' was a single from the 'Black Rose' album, from 1979.

Back cover of the 'Chinatown' single from 1980. Actually both Brian Downey and Scott Gorham both signed this too, but sadly with the cover so dark, you really can't see that so good here.

Phillip Lynott ... What a character, great singer, writer, bassist and so much more.
The man to me, was the greatest frontman live, ever! RIP Phil, you were the best and your memory remains with me of some really fantastic live shows!

If you've never seen the Thin Lizzy 'Behind the Music' from VH1, now's you chance on You Tube.

Remembering the late great Mr. Philip Lynott RIP.
20 August 1949 - 4 January 1986

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