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Monday, March 5, 2012

Late Update for Monday March 5th, 2012

Hi All,

What a weekend ...

It had started so well, news that I was to interview Michael Schenker before Saturday night's show here in Detroit, then a fantastic performance from a Robin McAuley fronted Michael Schenker band, interesting but brief interview with Michael, then I wrapped up Saturday night, talking casually for about an hour with Robin, Elliott 'Dean' Rubinson and Wayne Findlay on their tour bus, before they headed off for their next show in Toronto.

Sunday morning, 4.50am, I received a call from my brother to say our Mum had just passed away, peacefully after being in a bed bound condition for the past almost eight months ...
Saddened, but also relieved for her, to now be in a better place.

I'd like to give my huge thanks to all of those people that have sent well wishes by text, email, Facebook and phone calls, to my family and I for the loss of our Mother.

Geraldine Mary Williams RIP - May 1st 1920 - March 3rd, 2012

My Mum - Geraldine 'Gee' Mary Williams during a visit to the US - Photo: Warren, MI. USA 2007

From the get go, if it wasn't for my Mum, I would never have had the passion I have for music, she put me there and if it wasn't for her piano playing, I would - probably - never have been inspired to start playing in a band aged 15.
I had always dabbled on the piano and it started me writing songs around those mid to late teens.
She was a wonderful lady and yes, when I was young I fought about not wanting to go to church on Sunday mornings, when all my mates were going over the park to play football.
Her constant pushing me, drove me away from church for years.

It was a couple of years after arriving here in the States and a) meeting the woman I would later marry as my soul mate in Rhonda, who was as rock 'n' roll as any of my old mates back home in England and boy could and can she play the keys!
Rhonda has and always will be a Christian woman, whose faith cannot be questioned.
That and b) the life changing events I have encountered and experienced first hand, personally, to where I put my trust and faith and from all that, I believe is why I'm still around today ...

My Mother has been through a long period of being in hospital, since late May last year, then in late July, my brother called to tell me they all thought Mum was slipping away.
Rhonda and I made a mercy dash over to be there for a week and Mum hung on.
That's basically what she has done ever since then, until finally when her body had no more strength left, she took her calling ...
I'll miss her so much, having lost my Dad in 2001, a brother in 2005 and now Mum.
Being so far away from family is tough, but Rhonda is such a tower of strength to me.
Thanks again for all your support folks. It means so much.

No news today, except to just say this though. The world of rock lost another great player this weekend also.
Ronnie Montrose, the man who gave Sammy Hagar his real start sadly passed away after battling prostate cancer for a number of years.
Ronnie was just 64.

Ronnie Montrose  in 2011 and back in 1974

From 'Rock Candy,' 'Bad Motor Scooter' through 'Space Station No.5' and so many more, Ronnie Montrose and the band, Montrose rocked out!
I never saw Montrose at anytime, but I did catch his post Montrose band Gamma when they opened for Foreigner at London's Wembley Arena on the Foreigner '4' tour.
He was indeed a great player, one that many will miss.
RIP Ronnie Montrose - 1947 - 2012

I will try to catch up with more news updates soon, plus that Schenker gig review, but right now, it's just a little tough folks. Thanks for understanding the situation.

Cheers, Al

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