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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Brief Note Update - Tuesday July 24th, 2012

Hi folks,

Sorry for the lack of updates, really trying to catch up with reviews when not trying to give the family some vital and only fair, quality time.

Poor kids, six and seven and on holiday from school and where do we go for them? Mainly the backyard ...

We really haven't had a family holiday / vacation - For all four of us - away in so long, with the whole family situation in England and the two 'had to' make trips that Rhonda and I took when first my Mum was admitted into hospice late last year and then more recently for her funeral, earlier this year. RIP Mum.

Rhonda and I are both just working so much and I know, we aren't the only ones watching the cash, with limited resources and time off allowance, so I feel for all of you folks out there in the same situation. Having to use up a lot of vacation time - Since America is loathe to allow 'personal' time off for family. - leaves those of us with little time for quality family time away.
So thankful for weekends, although never long enough ...

Anyway, I'm getting off topic here.
The David Paich (Toto) interview is almost ready to be posted, not much more left on that - So I understand ... - to be typed up. A good friend was helping me with some of this typing up - Thanks LeeAnn. - but likewise her free time is extremely limited too, so I'm going to help her out by taking the interview back, to get it wrapped up.
Some album reviews almost there folks, although time to do so are limited, but they are coming!

News wise and press release information seems to be at a low right now, not too much to share and as you've no doubt notice, very few show reviews this year. Lack of cash and PR folks unwillingness to offer up review passes ... Boy would I love to take Rhonda to a great rock concert, oh yeah, lack of people to watch the kids while we go out for an evening .... There's always something!
Ah well ...

Thanks for you loyalty readers, news coming when there's a little more to post, in meantime, spare a thought and prayer to those families in Colorado with all they are going through.
Recovery and healing from a tragedy like that is just unreal ....

Take care folks, have a good rest of the week, got to get ready for work ...
Cheers, Al 

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