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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brief News Update for Wednesday August 1st, 2012

Wow! Unreal, it's August already, where did that year go?!
Well, enjoy the rest of summer folks,
Cheers, Al

New Europe video for 'Firebox!'

'Firebox' is the new single from Swedish rockers Europe!

Released from the highly lauded latest album from the band, 'Bag of Bones,' it continues to to show the less pop / rock driven direction the band were tagged with, when they first broke ground around the world with 'The Final Countdown.'

 The band will continue to tour through 2012, currently through Europe ... - No pun intended! - then in September they head to South America, before returning to Europe in October hitting many countries including Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, France and Holland.
In November they play nine UK dates.
For more details on the band's activities, follw the above link!

I wish they'd make the trek to the US though, it's been too long!

'Bag of Bones' review here:


As revealed to you all in Sunday's news update here, there was a new 'Very Beast of Dio - Vol. 2' to be released in respect of one of the greatest vocalists to ever grace rock music, Ronnie James Dio. RIP.
I have to say, as the Dio website posted, the album artwork is nothing less than sick!
What a gruesome, horrible album cover, kind of matching Uriah Heep's 'Abominog' for nastiness!
Saving grace, it's chock full of great musical material!

Here's the official press release folks!

In addition to fronting such legendary hard rock/heavy metal bands as Rainbow, Black Sabbath / Heaven and Hell and Elf, singer Ronnie James Dio also was the leader of his own solo band, Dio, who were responsible for such all-time great rock anthems as "Holy Diver," "Rainbow in the Dark," and "The Last in Line," among many others. And on Tuesday, October 9th, a second volume of Dio's best tracks will be unleashed via Niji Entertainment - 'The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2' - a follow-up to the gold-certified 'The Very Beast of Dio.'
The 17-track CD picks up exactly where the first volume left off - from 1996 onward. And in addition to featuring such latter-day Dio classics as "Killing the Dragon," "Push," and "Fever Dreams," the compilation will also include several rarities that fans have long requested on a single disc - "Electra" (which previously was only a part of the ultra-rare 'Tournado' box set), "Prisoner of Paradise," and "Metal Will Never Die."

As the Dio Facebook Page Administrator, raves, "I absolutely know that every single Dio Fan is going to want 'The Very Beast Of Dio Vol. 2'! I'm a HUGE Dio fan, just like all of you, and I can't tell you how excited I am about this CD. I had the pleasure of listening to the CD that was produced, mixed, and remastered by Ronnie's longtime engineer, Wyn Davis, and it sounds BLOODY INSANE!!!"

Also included as part of the release will be liner notes penned by long-time supporter and friend of Ronnie's, Eddie Trunk from 'That Metal Show,' as well as an awesome front cover painting by artist Marc Sasso (who previously created the covers for Dio's 'Killing the Dragon' and 'Master of the Moon' albums).

'The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2' will also be receiving a significant promotional push, as it will be promoted on Trunk's radio program, and will be given away via the infamous "Box of Junk" on an episode of 'That Metal Show.' And of course, the very popular official Ronnie James Dio Facebook page will get behind the release - which has over 735,000 fans (and receives between 800,000 to 1,000,000 hits per month).

As the Dio Facebook Page Administrator notes, "Just to let you know, the first 'Beast Of Dio' was only released in the USA and Canada, and has sold over 800,000 CD's to date! This CD will be in EVERY COUNTRY and our Dio Store too!"
The stellar music of Ronnie James Dio continues to live on. And the forthcoming 'The Very Beast of Dio Vol. 2' will be the perfect addition to every headbanger's collection.


Killing the Dragon
The Eyes
Along Comes A Spider
Better in the Dark
Fever Dreams
Feed My Head
Hunter of the Heart (Live)
One More for the Road
Lord of the Last Day
Electra (Bonus Track)
As Long As It's Not About Love
This is Your Life
Metal Will Never Die (Bonus Track)
Prisoner of Paradise (Bonus Track)


VH1 Classic presents
New 'That Metal Show' Season 11's guests announced!

Yes, the popular US TV rock show, 'That Metal Show' broadcast through VH1 Classic is due to return for it's 11th Season - Yes really! - on Saturday August 11th!

The show hosted by rock and metal mastermind Eddie Trunk and his co-hosts Don Jamison and Jim Florentine, should be a welcome breath of fresh air for rock and metal fans everywhere. I for one, am looking forward to it greatly!
So read on for the lowdown on what Season 11 is going to bring, rock on!
From 7/31/12:

Thanks for your patience everyone.
You have all been asking and I am pleased to finally present to you the guests for That Metal Show Season 11 debuting 8/11 on VH1 Classic. This round was a bit of a challenge since so many bands are on tour in the Summer, but I hope you will agree we have a tremendous roster of new and returning guests and rock, hard rock and metal represented.

That is all a big key to the growth and evoltuon of TMS and I appreciate you all watching and supporting the show as always.
This season will consist of 6 shows we are taping starting this Sunday on Los Angeles, and two shows we shot in March that will make their debut.
So 8 new shows in all. The two shows from March start us off. They are:

8/11: David Draiman of Disturbed, Russell Allen, Mike Orlando of Adrenaline Mob, Mike Portnoy on drums. (this show was a sneak preview as well during the recent marathon but makes it official premiere)

8/17: Bobby Blotzer of Ratt, Stephen Riley and Phil Lewis of LA Guns, Steve Stevens on guitar.

The following shows will be the 6 new that will be added that we tape starting this weekend.

Premiere dates TBA:

Geoff Tate and Zakk Wylde
Joey Kramer and Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick
Steve Harris of Iron Maiden
Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart, Lita Ford
Sammy Hagar and Michael Anthony
King Diamond, Mark Tremonti

In addition, we have 3 returning guitar greats to play in the above 6 shows; John 5, Doug Aldrich and George Lynch.

Former Biohazard frontman Evan Seinfeld will appear in a Guest Top 5.
Maybe a few more surprises as well. Be sure to follow on Twitter @EddieTrunk for photos and updates as we shoot these shows. Thanks for watching and hope you like what's headed your way very soon! And a special thanks to all the above artists for being a part of the show and making the time to be on TMS!

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