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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lita Ford – Living Like a Runaway album review

Lita Ford – Living Like a Runaway album review
Released on: SPV / Steamhammer. Release date: Available now.

After finding herself in a desperate situation in her personal life, where it basically sounds like Lita Ford  was literally running for her life from her ex-husband Jim Gillette (Nitro) and sadly, having to leave her two kids too, she has moved on and forward and done well!
Gillette was the main driving force behind Lita’s last terrible release, ‘Wicked Wonderland.
The good news is, through it all, Lita has come up with a very good album indeed that firmly puts that disastrous last effort in it’s rightful place … The rubbish bin or sorry to my American readers, garbage bin!
Her new album, 'Living Like A Runaway' really has so much going for it and folks, you should check it out!  

Opening track ‘Branded’ is seriously heavy, edgy, almost punky – ala Runaways – and dark, but it rocks and after a while it does become a grower … Believe me, give it a chance!

Next up, ‘Hate’ sounds as mean as the song implies and follows same kind of edge of the albums opener.
Love the walking bass on this in places that follows the general groove, although some of Lita’s vocals, when she takes the punky attitude.

‘The Mask’ is next, and it starts in a creepy manner as she talks through a voicebox …
Then when she really gets into the song, her vocal performance is great.
Yes, I am at times thinking Ann Wilson (Heart), sings Joan Jett!
The album has without doubt got a great production about it, thanks to a certain Gary Hoey, a great player in his own right, who also co-wrote a lot of the material on this release.
The other co-writer here is Michael Dan Ehming, who along with Hoey, has really helped with this album's material.

Lita is really giving it her all here and with the title track, ‘Living Like A Runaway’ next, this song has really got my attention and I often find myself walking around and then the chorus comes into my head and I start singing it to myself.
Class song and killer guitar solo. It’s actually – and forgive me for this Lita – got a little Heart / U2 / Bon Jovi / Bryan Adams about it.
I'll bet, any one of those acts, wishes they'd written this number, it's great and seriously catchy!

‘Relentless’ is another strong song, with at times an almost Def Leppard vibe about it, but it sounds a seriously strong sung song and I absolutely adore the guitar work on this. The harmonizing guitar will win me over anytime! Excellent!
The heartfelt message to her kids that is the ballad ‘Mother’ is again, very strong and tells the situation just like it is, of the pain she has gone through and no doubt the children too.

‘Devil In My Head’ is Lita doing her take on a dirty Black Sabbath type vibe. Heavy and dark indeed!

With next track ‘Asylum’ there’s a more thoughtful, almost borderline prog metal with melodic overtones.

‘Love 2 Hate U’ starts acoustically but then gets into a great hard rocking groove and is an absolute winner for me!

Final track – On this version, there’s a deluxe version out there with two bonus tracks. – ‘A Song to Slit Your Wrist’s By,’Ed: Nice …! - was written by Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx
It’s a little weird, as it starts as a kind of semi-processed sound, synths, distorted guitar in a kind of ‘intro’ style fashion, but then the tune gets into a sub-ZZ Top type groove, but quite heavy. There’s some serious riffing in places, but it’s a very different kind of groove to the rest of the album.

Basically, overlooking some of the negative song titles and some of the subject matter – She has been through a rough time! – it’s a very good album. Certainly night and day against that disaster that was ‘Wicked Wonderland.’
Do yourselves a favour and go check this out, Lita's back and playing well … Nice input from Gary Hoey and Michael Dan Ehming too though!
Catch her on the road this summer too, opening for Def Leppard and Poison, here in North America.

Rating: 4 out of 5

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