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Friday, September 7, 2012

Note for Friday September 7th, 2012

Hi All,
Well, we made it to Friday, yay!
Anyway, no news update today, I'm desperately trying to get you guys this David Paich interview and it's soooooo long, that it's a nightmare to try and format, so I may have to do it in two sections, two episodes I'm thinking.
Seriously, trying to format it, it just keeps locking up on me, telling me it's 'a very long running script.'
I spent four hours last night trying, another hour this morning and everytime I highlight a section of text ... It all freezes up on me ...
There was a lot of growling from me last night and great frustration!
Anyway, soon folks, it's coming soon!
Take care, have a great weekend, Cheers, Al

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