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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Slight Late News Update for Tuesday October 30th, 2012

Hi folks,
Well, first off our thoughts and prayers go out to all those poor people and families on the east coast.
This storm is being felt all the way to here in Michigan and beyond as people close by are losing power, thanks to winds here gusting up to fifty miles an hour, sixty five mph coming off the lakes here locally.
Poor Rhonda was sick as a dog yesterday, I was rough too ... Somthing got the better of us.
She's still bad today, but I'm OK, of course this is nothing compared what others have been through.
I just pray for families safety, as it's been revealed that 6.5 million have been without power today and the winds and storms are still continuing, across the country.
Hang in there folks, Al  
 The silver eagle has finally landed for audiences worldwide!
After enjoying a limited “Fan Club Only” UK release, Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie, Saxon’s wonderfully unfiltered and intimate account of their ascent to the upper echalons of heavy metal, will finally enjoy an international release this December. The double-disc set features the soon-to-be-celebrated story of Saxon, while the second disc is packed with bonus features including a full-length performance (on St. George’s Day) from April 23rd, 2008. Rivetingly honest, and including the frank memories of every musician who has played in the band, Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie pieces together the earliest incarnations of Saxon, from frontman Biff Byford’s teenage years in the coalmines of Yorkshire and Son Of A Bitch (the first incarnation of Saxon) all the way through to top 10 hits and world tours. “Our music was more sort of machinery banging together, wheels turning, machines making noise,” says Biff of those early, industrial days, “It’s what Heavy Metal is all about. Heavy Metal is all about hard, big sounds bashing your skull in. I used to work in factories where big machinery made lot of noise and I used to sing along to the noises they made.”
It is a documentary which looks for all the world as though it’s a superbly crafted script, as much a tale of pure, honest, working class triumph as just another Rock n’ Roll story.
Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie shows every facet of Saxon on their journey without once diluting the true characters who make up the band. “We basically played every dump and shithole that there is in England over a period, probably just short of eight years,” laughs Biff. “You know classic cliché of transit van, up and down and we used to play more or less every night. One gig might be a good paying gig and the other one might be no money or ten quid but it was an obsession, you had to play every day.” These wonderfully naïve young men sought nothing more than a great gig, a good time and maybe a nice girl, before suddenly finding themselves on tour in the US, exposed to the sorts of things which (quite frankly) Barnsley simply didn’t offer in 1980. And from that point, Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie, takes the viewer on a journey on a Rock n’ Roller of a journey encompassing it all from triumphs to tears to tea-bags and beyond.
Nothing is forsaken and nothing skipped. Despite the fact that to this day there remain problems between the Byford/Quinn and Oliver/Dawson parties, everyone tells the full unedited Saxon story with heartfelt honesty and integrity.
 “We do have a great legacy,” says Byford, “whether you joined the band in 1994 or (as) an original member. There’s a legacy there and I’ve tried hard to not let people demean it and to spoil it and you have to look after that thing that is Saxon.”
Heavy Metal Thunder – The Movie will entertain, engage and charm fans and non-fans alike. That’s a truth as honest as the film itself…
• DVD Digipack (2 Discs)
• Blu-ray
Joe Satriani announces June 2013 UK tour and confirms new studio album
Joe Satriani, one of rock music’s most respected and celebrated electric guitar players, will undertake a 10-date 2013 UK tour starting Saturday 8th June at the Manchester Apollo.
This will be Satriani’s first UK tour since 2010’s Black Swans and Wormhole Wizards tour. Very special guest is blues guitarist Matt Schofield.
Tickets go on sale Friday 2nd November and can be booked online from or call 0844 888 9991 or the venue direct. 



The tour coincides with Satriani’s new solo album released by Sony worldwide in May 2013, followed by a career retrospective box set in the spring.

Earlier this year, Satriani performed a sold out concert with Chickenfoot at the London Brixton Academy in support of the band’s second album III

He also embarked on multiple G3 tours in Australia, Europe and South America, had his music sampled in Nicki Minaj’ hit single Right Thru Me, and appeared as himself in Brad Pitt’s Oscar-nominated baseball film Moneyball.
Read the official press release here:

Joe Satriani - Official Website

Joe Satriani - Facebook

Joe Satriani - Twitter

Joe Satriani - YouTube


Terrorvision - Shaving Peaches - Expanded - Out Now
We're please to announce the re-issue of the classic Terrorvision album 'Shaving Peaches' Expanded Edition is released today.
The Expanded Edition is a 2 CD set and contains a second CD of B-Sides & Mixers.
For more information on the track listing, bonus content and to order this item please head to the official Terrorvision store HERE.
• Originally known as the Spoilt Bratz, Bardford’s Terrorvision (named after an 80s US comedy horror movie) singed to EMI Records in 1991 under their very own imprint label, Total Vegas Recordings. Their single, ‘My House’ from debut album, Formaldehyde (1993) gained favourable Top 30 chart action and it was no looking back for the party-rock-four-piece of Tony Wright (vocals), Leigh Marklew (Bass), Mark Yates (Guitar) and Ian 'Shutty' Shuttleworth (drums).
• With regular UK Single chart action for tracks such as, ‘Alice What’s The Matter’ (#24), ‘Oblivion’ (#21) and ‘Middle Man’ (#25) from their EMI sophomore album, 'How To Make Friends And Influence People' and ‘Perseverance’ (#5) and ‘Bad Actress’ (#10) from third album, 'Regular Urban Survivors,' Terrorvision were also becoming known for their ‘never fail to satisfy’ live performances and in so doing became the default festival band during this mid 90s period.
• Third album 'Shaving Peaches' was released in October 1998 and saw the band employ four different producers, including Edwyn Collins (Orange Juice) and the Utah Saints. The result took the Terrorvision sound into some previously un-charted territory with a more pop-oriented collection of songs. This drew mixed responses from the critics and their by now well-established fan-base, however, when Radio 1 DJ Zoe Ball began regularly airing one of the single b-side remixes of ‘Tequila’, EMI rush released the version as an a-side single, the result of which saw the track reach the number 2 position in the UK Singles chart, the band’s highest ever chart placing.
• Fully Re-Mastered and Expanded Collector’s Edition.
• Adds 12-track second disc of single b-sides and alternative versions compiled chronologically as ‘B-Sides & Mixers’ with 3 versions of the UK No. 2 single, ‘Tequila’.
• Comprehensive story of the album sleeve-notes.
• Visually packed 12 page booklet featuring rare photos and memorabilia images from the period.
• Press reviews to appear in: Classic Rock; Record Collector; MOJO; UNCUT; Q magazines.• Coverage on relevant websites and fan-sites.

To order this item please head to the official Terrorvision store at HERE

Official website:


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