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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brief Rock News for Sunday 11th July, 2010

Rush being sued by fan for cancelled show

OK, are rock fans going off their 'rockers?' Excuse the pun, but ..., people! Get a grip!!!

Seriously, what is going on out there? We lovers of rock music are already frequently singled out for criticism of our music of choice being so ..., out there or because of how rock fans dress or for whatever reason.
Now, in recent months there have been instances where supposed 'rock fans' are suing the bands that they - again - supposedly love?!
Just a short time back, Whitesnake were sued by 'fans' for suffering loss of hearing after a show.
Now this latest, 'scam' if you will ... Where a Rush fan decides to sue the band because they cancelled a show ...! What?!!
Here's part of the story posted in the Chicago Sun-Times:

The rock band Rush was supposed to be living on a lighted Chicago stage on Wednesday. But when the concert at Northerly Island was canceled, a fan stepped into the limelight with a lawsuit.

Christopher Langone, 42, a one-time Chicagoan who flew in from Upstate New York to attend the concert, filed a breach of contract lawsuit on Friday, saying the show was shut down because of the rain despite a ticket stub and other promotional materials saying calling it a “rain or shine” event.

“I traveled here to Chicago to see the show with old friends,” Langone told the Sun-Times. “I’ve been a lifelong fan of Rush and we were very disappointed they canceled the show...especially when [the rain] stopped.”

He’s filed a class action suit, not only seeking reimbursement for the ticket but also his airfare and other travel expenses.
Langone says he purchased six tickets — at a cost of $80 apiece — $250 airfare, and a round of beers he bought at Charter One Pavilion before the concert was called off.
For the full story go here:

Robin Trower on the Marshall Amps Home Page

All the RT gearhead fans know that Robin Trower has traditionally favored Marshall amps to help produce his unmistakable tone. Marshall has recently recognized this fact by featuring Robin on the website. Plus they have put together some videos - - where Robin talks about his 2010 European tour and about acheiving his signature tone using Marshall amps:
Keep up with Robin Trower here:


See Steve Miller on NBC’s Weekend TODAY Show Sunday, July 11th. The show follows the band on their U.S. tour with Miller showing anchor Lester Holt the rules of the road and they have a chat about Bingo!

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