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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update Tuesday 13th July, 2010

Sorry folks, been swamped in so much stuff right now it's been tough to keep up, but I'm trying ...!
I know there were no updates for Monday and Tuesday's will have to wait until quiet late on, as I'm travelling on business with the day job ...

There's more reviews coming and those long promised interviews will follow, with the Gil Moore (Triumph) one coming first, hopefully before the end of this week, but we'll see ...

This weekend in our neck of the woods there are a number of gigs, but if I get to cover them or not is a different matter.
Kip Winger plays solo / acoustic here - Mt. Clemens, MI - on Friday evening, but my previous attempts to make contact with anyone in his organization through the site or MySpace has resulted in nothing ...
Aside for that though ..., I do wish it was his full band though ....

Night Ranger plays a little further down the road in Waterford, MI but that's the same day as Alice Cooper up in Bay City, this Saturday.
Nothing from Alice's management either ...
Rhonda and I also have a lot of other stuff going on too, so it's just possible we may not be able to make any of these.  Phew! Busy, busy!

While I'm passing on info, I'd would like to say thanks to recent posters after the reviews. Appreciate the site support folks, thanks! :)

I would add this though, there are those out there who seem proud to brag about dumping their empty beer cans / bottles in someones front garden, while on the way to a show and also that they were proud of sneaking into a VIP area and then proceeding to block other peoples views, who had paid to get into see that show!
I'm sorry, but I'm as much a rock fan as the next guy but put simply, I'm not going to allow someones bragging about that to be published here. Sorry, it just ain't going to happen and I'll leave it there.

I look forward to more valid comments, that anyone wants to add that are more along the right lines shall we say!
Enjoy the rest of your week folks and I'll get the updates up, ASAP! Cheers!

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