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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dio - The Legend Live! - DVD review

Dio – The Legend Live! DVD review
Released on: IMV Blueline Distributed via MVD Release date: Available now

Sadly this Dio live DVD release is another of those ‘bare bones’ DVD’s, that is simply just the show and no extra’s.
Worst still is that the case says it has a running time of 60 minutes, but all you get is little over 30 minutes.
It is a shame, because overall it’s not bad footage and seemed to catch the band in rockin’ form, which is how we will always remember Ronnie James Dio best!

It was recorded in Tokyo apparently, in 1985 and after investigating further around the web, it turns out that this is an edited version of ‘Dio Super Rock – Live in Japan’ which has currently been floating around as a bootleg for some time, on the web.
As a show, the band seemed on their game, quality wise for picture and sound, it’s not the greatest and at times, it makes you think someone has run off a copy of a VHS tape to DVD and put it out.
Some of the editing between tracks is also pretty blunt as well.

Anyway, to what we do have here and the band opens with ‘Hungry for Heaven’ and Ronnie James Dio appears to be in great form and looking as good as ever. He always looked like he was enjoying himself, always …
The band is rocking too, with the line that featured: Vivian Campbell (Guitars), Jimmy Bain (Bass), Vinny Appice (Drums) and Claude Schnell (Keyboards).

What’s immediately apparent here is that Vinny’s drum kit is tiny! He must’ve got a loaner! Perhaps customs held it up … I think I heard him tell a story about that once or someone, that the kit was quarantined for suspicion of drugs.

Anyway back to the music, the track finishes and the poor editing shows, is obvious as the band then kick off ‘Holy Diver.’
What cracks me up here is that as the track starts – Without any introduction – usually a familiar track as it starts gets a roar, the crowd seem to cheer loudly as Ronnie starts singing the chorus itself. Too funny!
The editing is obvious again it seems as after one verse and chorus, ‘Holy Diver’ then goes into ‘Last In Line,’ which is fine – And great track too! – and then it’s into ‘Heaven and Hell,’ as the medley continues.

The band do come across as in great form and hungry too, but Campbell does seem to play a bum chord during the change into the chorus from the verse. The average fan may think nothing of this or even fail to notice it, but to many die hard Dio fans, I’m sure you will too!

Ronnie makes me laugh too, as the band take the song down a bit and Ronnie tries to get the crowd to sing the line, ‘On and on, on and on, it’s Heaven and Hell, the crowd is lame and Ronnie says, ‘Oh bollocks, I can’t hear you at all!’ He then tells the band to ‘Shush!’ Yes really, ‘Shush!’ What a character! Then they wrap the song up and it’s into ‘Sacred Heart.’

It’s of course a great solid song, but I’m really feeling for Vinny on the ‘borrowed’ drum kit, as he would typically do some massive fills with his full kit, but he makes the best of the situation!

It’s Rainbow’s classic ‘Long Live Rock and Roll’ next and Ronnie again approaches the crowd again, and about halfway through he says, ‘You know this song right?’ Hardly any response, so he goes over to former fellow Rainbow band mate Jimmy Bain and says, ‘You know this song right?’ Jimmy says, ‘Yeah!’ Ronnie says, ‘I’m glad someone bloody does!’
Too funny Ronnie, you really were quite the character, we miss you!

A bad edit again into next track, ‘Rainbow in the Dark’ and the keyboards seem like they should be higher in the mix, but otherwise it sounds great!

The set here is closed with out and out rocker, ‘Stand Up and Shout,’ which simply just kills, it’s great!
Then that’s it and the credits come up and it’s all over.

It is a good show, sad that it’s so short, the word out there though is that it’s highly likely that ‘Dio – Super Rock in Japan’ may well get an official release through Wendy Dio, Ronnie James Dio’s widow, who co-founded Niji Entertainment.
Here’s hoping!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 – It’s not a bad show as I’ve said, but it’s all too short and the quality needs improvement.

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