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Friday, January 21, 2011

Rock News Update for Friday 21st January, 2011

Francis Rossi to release his brand new solo set "Live at St. Luke's, London" on 14 March 2011.

This live set from Status Quo's Francis Rossi is to be released on CD, DVD and Blu-ray formats by Edel's international rock label, earMUSIC distributed in the UK and Republic of Ireland by Absolute via Universal. As well as the full concert, the DVD and Blu-ray boast excellent bonus features.
The DVD has an interview with Rossi, plus the promo video for the 'Faded Memory' single.
The Blu-ray has a behind the scenes documentary, which also features interviews, plus the promo video.

Recorded in front of an enthusiastic crowd at St. Luke's church in London, this solo show was only the seventh that Rossi has ever performed. "Live at St. Luke's, London" follows on the heels of the 2010 studio album -- also released through Edel -- which was enthusiastically received by the rock media.Classic Rock said in their review of the St. Luke's show, "New album 'One Step At A Time' is a surprising treat. The gig is the same, only more so." Guitar and Bass added that the material, "reveals a more fragile side to the Rossi we all know -- and it's genuinely refreshing."

Long regarded as one of the finest rock performers this nation has ever produced, Rossi's songwriting has been duly recognized by the Classic Songwriter Award and the BRIT Award for Outstanding Contribution To Music [jointly with Rick Parfitt]. Francis Rossi is famous for his dry wit and lyrical dash, and this live release offers a chance to get up close and personal with a musician doing what he does best: delivering great music live.

Rossi commented, "Stepping outside Quo and recording and performing these songs was a big step for me -- I love these songs so much it hurts! It was very freeing to do my own thing instead of being with a band, as I have been since I was 12! I wanted, for once, to do exactly what I wanted and luckily, the reaction has been great. The show at St. Luke's was very atmospheric, the band and the crowd were great and I'm really proud of what we've produced".

Stan Bush update and new Music video for 'Your Time.'

As mentioned in last weeks news items, Stan Bush has recently released a brand new song, the single 'Heat of the Battle.'
Stan along with Lenny Macaluso wrote "Heat of the Battle" which has been submitted for consideration for the new Transformers game due out later this summer.

Lenny Macaluso also co-wrote the smash hit song, "The Touch" with Stan back in the 80's and for those that didn't know it, 2011 is actually the 25-year anniversary of "Transformers: The Movie" and of "The Touch"!
'Heat of the Battle' is now available for download via the Stan Bush website:
Also check out this incredible music video for “Your Time” created by Trans Fans Randall Ng and DR. SMOOV! Give ‘em a shout over at their website for doing such a terrific job on this!

In additional Stan Bush news ...

Stan Bush rare live show in the US!

It’s official! Stan Bush’s first live appearance of 2011 has been confirmed – catch him in concert on Saturday, April 16th in Philadelphia, PA!

Stan will be performing live at the Fan Conclave event in conjunction with CHIKARA’s massive pro-wrestling tournament “King of Trios 2011” taking place at the Asylum Arena (formerly the ECW Arena) in South Philly!

Catch Stan live on Saturday afternoon, April 16th in Philly – a rare East Coast appearance!
Tickets to the Fan Conclave event are available here:

Stan’s powerful reinvention of “The Touch,” “Sam’s Theme” serves as the official theme song of King of Trios 2011!

Artist official website:

Judas Priest add extra European live dates to Farewell EPITAPH World tour

UK metal rockers Judas Priest, who recently announced they will be calling it quits on the band soon, by rolling out their 'Farewell Tour' announcement, have just added a few more European dates to the EPITAPH World Tour.

The additional dates are as follows:

June 2011
7th June Eindhaar, Tilburg, Holland
20th June Le Zenith, Paris, France
27th June Zenith, Munich, Germany

July 2011
1st July Belgrade Arena, Belgrade, Serbia
For more information on other tour dates and Priest in general, go to:
Apparently, “You’re gonna see a lot more of Ed Van Halen this year…hopefully by summer.”

At least, so says who sat down with Eddie Van Halen's Gear Product Manager, Chris Cannella, for a chat about what’s new and what’s ahead in EVH-land…

Some interesting comments by Cannella, who winks at the camera while answering a question about a new Van Halen album, while following that up with “you’re gonna see a lot more of Ed this year… hopefully by the summer.”
Check out the chat right here:

Greek rockers Outloud, issue new song 'Waiting For Your Love'

OUTLOUD, the Greece based hard-rocking outfit featuring Bob Katsionis (Firewind), Mark Cross (ex-Helloween, Firewind) and singer Chandler Mogel (ex-Talon), following their succesful 2009 debut "We'll Rock You To Hell And Back Again!" from Frontiers Records, return with "Waiting For Your Love", a brand new track for 2011 from their upcoming sophomore album, "Love Catastrophe".

The song can be heard exclusively on the Greek music community site JUMPING FISH on their personal page under
This site serves as the launchpad for the "Be the opening act on Bon Jovi's Athens Show,July 20th" competition - for which Outloud are seeking your help to get the slot!

The song is mixed by Danish engineer Tommy Hansen known from his work with Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids, etc., and produced by Bob Katsionis who also states about their participation in this competition:

"I'm not a fan of music competitions, in fact I dont find any meaning to most of them, since the only thing you have to "win" with your music is to touch the hearts of your listeners. This particular contest though, is a fine chance to get our music heard by a different set of fans and not only this of rock/metal which in Greece is kinda difficult to reach. We don't wanna be rockstars overnight and we're not the typical "opening band" who just want to be famous. In fact OUTLOUD have never yet played before anyone! We just believe in our music and we want to take it as far as we can."

The song is automatically played once you enter this link:
Once you hear the song, please take a minute to vote for Outloud to open for Bon Jovi in Athens, Greece on July 20th! Even though the site is in Greek, if you follow this simple guide, you can make your vote quickly and easily (for non-Greek readers):

1. Go to Right below the music player, there is a black box with a Bon Jovi logo in it (the sword in the heart). Run your cursor over this box (or click on the white envelope for non-flash users) to reveal two small grey boxes -click on the bottom one. This sends you to the next screen to register on the site.

2. Once there, scroll down to the bottom of the green page and click on the left black box.

3. Now you'll be prompted to enter some information. In descending order of the boxes, enter your: First Name, Last Name, Username (make one), Password (make one), Re-enter Password, and E-mail. Right below that, enter your sex (from left to right it's M, F, or don't wish to enter it)

4. Right below that, there are four small paragraphs. Leave the top one checked as it is, but out of the second two, click the one on the right (it says "listener" in English). Below that, uncheck the box if you don't want to receive a newsletter from the site. Then click the black box to continue. Almost there!

5. Another page will show up, just click the black box again to continue. Now go to your email account and click on the link that you were just sent by the site. Click on it from your e-mail and that will take you back to the site, and now enter your name and password and click the black box.

6. Once you do that, you are logged in. Now copy and paste the link into the address bar of your browser, and you're back on the Outloud page. Right below the picture of Outloud within the black area where you started is a little white box with an envelope in it. Click on that and you've voted!

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