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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Van Halen - Live review! - The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI.

Van Halen – A Different Kind of Truth tour – live review
Guest Reviewer: Pete Salvato

The Palace of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, MI.
February 20th, 2012


There’s a new Van Halen album out there now and Van Halen version 2012, is hitting the road again!
This past Monday evening, a good friend of mine, scored tickets for the show and volunteered to provide a review for me or should that be, for you folks?!

My very special thanks go out to Pete Salvato, a very good friend, D.J. and sometime vocalist!
Sadly Pete did not manage to secure any photos from the evening, but, he certainly provides something to say about the whole event!
Over to you Pete!

So this was the second show on the band’s first leg of the current tour, in support of new album, ‘A Different Kind of Truth,’ the first album of ‘all new’ material with David Lee Roth on vocals since 1984’s ... Er, ‘1984!’

Editor’s note: All new – now - released material that is, with word that some of the material dates back some years, many folks that have heard it have been wondering if perhaps more if not all of it wasn’t from some time back?

As the lights go down, the crowd reacts, anticipating the passion and excitement of Van Halen walking on stage, and then the first chord of Eddie Van Halen's guitar, Alex's (Van Halen) drums and Dave's scream, the crowd dare I say it, exuberate into an eruption!

Editor’s note: Cheesy Pete! LOL!

Everyone at the Palace was up on their feet, standing and pumped up!

David Lee Roth was as vintage as is a fine wine. The ultimate showman it seems had the crowd in the palm of his hand, as they started where it all began, with ‘You Really Got Me.’ However, I will say that, they could have started out with ‘Eruption’ prior to ‘You Really Got Me,’ but nevertheless, this crowd wanted Van Halen period, no matter what or how they would have started the evenings events!

They could have opened the show with ‘Poundcake,’ with Dave singing and the crowd would’ve have said ‘Wow!’
It was not to be though …

‘Running With The Devil’ followed with the crowd singing along to the versus and choruses, while keeping the same intensity.

The entire show provided passion, excitement and a great exchange from the band, to the crowd, back and forth. The reception for the new songs, ‘She's The Woman,’ ‘China Town,’ ‘Tattoo’ and ‘The Trouble With Never,’ received a great reaction, along with the classics such as ‘Everybody Wants Some,’ ‘Mean Street,’ ‘Oh Pretty Woman,’ ‘Dance The Night Away,’ ‘Hot For Teacher’ and ‘Panama.’ Also a few rare live appearances for songs such as, ‘Romeo's Delight,’ ‘Women in Love’ and ‘Girl Gone Bad.’

They each played solos, with the exception of ‘Wolfie’Wolfgang Van Halen - although he did well on the bass.

Alex did a jazz fusion reggae style which is reminiscent of Neil Peart's (Rush) drum technique.

Dave did an acoustic solo spot, while speaking about the video of ‘Mikey and Benny’ his two dogs, ‘I was watching Rod Stewart on TV and they showed his family. I thought I'd show mine …’

Eddie did his classic ‘Eruption / 316’ guitar solo which is a pure staple at a Van Halen show ...

The encore was ‘Jump’ and as with ‘I'll Wait,’ there were no keyboards present on stage in front of Eddie, they used a sampler backing keyboard track which I was not too impressed with ...

Editor’s note: Previously the band had used former Night Ranger keys man Alan ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald to back them up, with him playing out of sight of the crowd. I’m guessing they had someone doing the same this time around.

The rapport on stage between the band, was as if to use the old expression of getting back on the bike that you used to ride and getting back on it to ride it again, many years later and remembering exactly what to do!

Overall, this show was terrific! Van Halen showed their staying power with the songs and with their stage persona. Dave used a headset, which would give him room on stage to dance and twirl, although however, Dave did not do his classic jump off the drum riser, doing the splits in midair!

Eddie showed us all once more, why he is a guitar hero, flawless and effortless.

The band are back with a bang and ‘A Different Kind Of Truth.’
Go see Van Halen when you can, you will be thoroughly entertained, I was!

Set list:

You Really Got Me
Running With The Devil
She's The Woman
Romeo's Delight
Everybody Wants Some
Somebody Give Me A Doctor
China Town
Mean Street
Pretty Woman
Alex Drum Solo
Trouble With Never
Dance The Night Away
I'll Wait
Hot For Teacher
Women In Love
Girl Gone Bad
Beautiful Girls
Dave Solo spot
Ice Cream Man
Eddie's Solo
Ain't Talkin Bout Love


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