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Monday, May 14, 2012

Brief News Update for Monday May 14th, 2012

Hi folks,
Happy Monday ..., yeah right eh?!
Well, where these weekends go to, who can say? Best laid plans and all that, right out the window!
I wanted to share a couple more reviews with you this weekend, but never got the chance.
With doing stuff around the house, an old guitarist friend over for a jam Friday night - After watching Night Ranger on the M3 Rocks Festival coverage on HDNET ... - That was Friday, Saturday was home 'stuff', Sunday ..., well, it was Mother's Day here in the States so a great family day and then, oh yeah, it's Monday!

Did get to catch some of the other bands on the M3 Rocks Festival, what about you folks?
It certainly seemed like they must've been having monitoring problems, as I know for a fact that many of those bands can play some great sets, with killers harmonies and for me, Night Ranger, Kix and XYZ seemed to be some of the acts that got through reasonably well.
Enuff Z'Nuff sounded really bad, but as opening act for Friday, they obviously had to bare the brunt for most, to get some sound balance. We couldn't stand it, they sounded so off ...
Ratt even sounded off on their vocals too, shame as the last album, 'Infestation' was great!
Anyway, enough on all that ...

Finally - before I get to the updates that I do have. - don't forget about the Girlschool CD giveaway folks!
I'm thinking that perhaps either they don't have enough interest here in the States and Canada or that perhaps the readership that I do get here, are simply not fans?
So, with that, I'm going to perhaps regret this - Ouch! - but I'm going to open up the competition globally!
Yes, that's right folks, open to allcomers / readers now.
For details on the the giveaway and rules, go here:    

Thanks, have a great week, cheers, Alun

New Releases from Rock Candy records

Aldo Nova 'Aldo Nova' and 'Subject', Wireless 'Positively Human Relatively Sane' and 'No Static'

Four brand new releases from Rock Candy Records available right now. Great titles with all the usual Rock Candy trimmings: 24-bit remastering from original source tapes, weighty essay's about the making of the album, full artist involvement, new interviews, enhanced artwork and additional photos spread out over large full colour booklets. See below for full details about each release.

Get them for a limited time at a discounted price of just £10.99 per CD inclusive of postage to anywhere in the world... or beyond! Just go to the store page to order. Hurry, offer ends May 28th 2012..

Aldo Nova 'S/T'' CANDY133

ALDO NOVA'S debut album is a record so perfectly formed that it has rightfully been compared to the groundbreaking achievements of classic albums by rival masters of melodic hard rock, including Boston, REO Speedwagon and Loverboy.

Amazingly, the album is practically a collection of demo recordings. Signed to the Portrait label, Aldo was allowed to continue polishing the tracks alone, with mixing undertaken by Tony Bongiovi at the renowned Power Station studios, New York.

Originally issued in 1982, it quickly became a best seller, going on to attain double platinum status. With such rich and hugely melodic tracks as ‘Fantasy’, ‘Hot Love’, ‘Ball And Chain’ and ‘Heart To Heart’ it’s no wonder that Aldo’s brand of immaculate AOR attracted instant success.

Aldo Nova 'Subject' CANDY134

ORIGINALLY RELEASED in 1983, ‘Subject: Aldo Nova’ is a richer and far more intense effort than his debut album. Sure, initial reviews lambasted its ‘difficult’ musical thread and ‘post apocalyptic’ lyrical concept as a tad too highbrow for what he was then perceived as (a harmless melodic hard rocker) but time and distance has invited an altogether more positive appraisal. The songs here can be classified as progressive pop rock in the truest sense, with an emphasis focused on precise arrangements and carefully crafted instrumentation. But the good thing is that Aldo didn’t fully abandon his penchant for finely tuned melodies, crafting a number of superlative tracks, such as ‘Monkey On Your Back’, ‘Hold Back’, ‘Cry Baby Cry’ and a surprising interpretation of the Coney Hatch classic, ‘Hey Operator’.

Wireless 'Positively Human Relatively Sane' CANDY136

MANAGED BY SRO, the same people behind Rush, and signed to Anthem Records, a Rush related spin-off venture, ‘Positively Human Relatively Sane’ was greeted with universal acclaim by those fed-up to the back teeth with mediocre rock and pop. Wireless’ music was both demanding yet accessible, harbouring subterfuge and surprise as weapons of choice.

Produced my ex-Max Webster bassist Mike Tilka and boasting nine tracks of superlative yet quirky hard rock, the album surfs the surface of convention making inroads into progressive rock complexity. Imagine Steely Dan jamming with the Blue Öyster Cult and that might give some indication of their musical magic. If you’ve never heard their music or even if you’ve never actually heard their name before, then might we suggest you get in on the action now or forever hold your peace.

Wireless 'No Static' CANDY137

PRIOR TO ‘No Static’, Wireless had issued two warmly received if poorly selling albums leaving them to question their very existence. Indeed, all but resigned to breaking up, word reached Rush bassist/singer Geddy Lee who immediately jumped to the rescue, offering his production services if they would consider sticking together and making another album.

Recorded at Le Studio, Moran Heights, just outside Montreal, ‘No Static’ takes the Wireless mandate to its logical conclusion. Geddy Lee’s hands on approach documents a band very much on the attack, leading by example and ramping up the energy level on all fronts. Heavier, harder, yet always hummable, ‘No Static’ makes its intent clear from the lead-off track ‘Pay To Ride’ through to the very closing fade of ‘Journey Of A Possible Hero’ and all points in between.

Available now from:

Liberty n' Justice with Kip Winger and more

Liberty N' Justice with JK Northrup new CD Hell Is Coming To Breakfast is out now Roxx Records. The CD features Jani Lane of Warrant, Jack Russell of Great White, Donnie Vie of Enuff Z'nuff, and many more great guest artists! You can pick the CD up directly from Roxx Records (

In other Liberty N' Justice news on the same day as LNJ releases there new CD they are releasing a new single on I-tunes: Stayin' Alive featuring Kip Winger and JK Northrup of XYZ/ King Kobra.

The track was mixed and mastered by CJ Snare of Firehouse. LNJ's Justin Murr has this to say about the track. "This is one of the songs that will be on our soon to be released double CD "The Cigar Chronicles". Whatever you think of when you hear the words "Stayin' Alive" forget about it....
Kip kills this killer new version of a 70's classic!"

In last bit of LNJ news, Justin Murr's 12 year old daughter, Torrie Murr releases her first single "Hot Child In The City" on I-tunes on the same day as the other two releases!

Rose Tattoo Live DVD coming May 22

Rose Tattoo have remained the bad boys of Australian rock since the late 70s when they ignited Australian audiences with the hits 'Bad Boy For Love' and 'Rock'n'Roll Outlaw'. After the release of their third album, 'Scarred For Life', and the chart-topping anthem 'We Can't Be Beaten', Rose Tattoo became one of the biggest, and most infamous, hard rock bands in the country.have remained the bad boys of Australian rock since the late 70s when they ignited Australian audiences with the hits 'Bad Boy For Love' and 'Rock'n'Roll Outlaw'.

Performing here in front of a huge crowd at Boggo Road Jail (the original line-up of Angry Anderson, Peter Wells, Geordie Leech and Mick Cocks reunited to celebrate the closing of the jail) alongside the Divinyls and Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs, Angry Anderson and the band deliver a thumping set of seminal Oz rock, rolling out all their big hits - including 'Assault & Battery', 'Tramp', 'Out of This Place' - and a rousing rendition of the Rolling Stones classic 'Street Fighting Man'.

Tracks include: Out of This Place, Bad Boy For Love, Assault & Battery, Tramp, The Butcher & Fast Eddy, Rock'n'Roll is King, Street Fighting Man, Rock'n'Roll Outlaw, One of the Boys, Nice Boys, Going Down

Time: 54 min
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio Format: 5.1 & 2.0

These two titles mark the first in a new US distribution agreement between MVD Entertainment Group and Umbrella Entertainment -- an independent, Australian-owned all-rights distribution company driven by expert, hands-on staff with a true passion for feature film, television and music content. As an all-rights content manager, Umbrella Entertainment licenses and distributes content both locally and internationally across all distribution platforms including: Theatrical, Non-Theatrical, Ancillary, Pay TV, Free TV, Pay-Per-View, Home Video including DVD & Blu-ray (Rental and Retail) and new technology such as Download to Own, Download to Rent, Streaming and Wireless.

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