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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Late News Update for December 19th, 2009!

AC/DC News ... or "The Week In AC/DC," as their site says!

This posted at - More info there too:
'The year may be coming to an end, but this week, AC/DC already started laying out their plans for next summer, as they announced ten dates across the European continent for next May and June, with a whopping four in Germany alone. Fan Club Tickets for those dates are already on sale, so if you're planning on checking out AC/DC in Europe in 2010, head over to the tickets page and start planning out next summer's European trek.'

The tour dates they're talking of are as follows:
•14 May, 2010: Sofia, Bulgaria - Vassil Levsky Stadium (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•16 May, 2010: Bucharest, Romania - Piata Constitutiei (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•19 May, 2010: Udine, Italy - Stadio Friuli (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•22 May, 2010: Wels, Austria - Air Field (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•25 May, 2010: Hannover, Germany - Messe (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•13 June, 2010: Stuttgart, Germany - Cannstatter Wasen (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•15 June, 2010: Nice, France - Parc des Sports Charles Ehrmann (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•18 June, 2010: Paris, France - Stade De France (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•20 June, 2010: Dresden, Germany - Ostrahege (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)
•22 June, 2010: Berlin, Germany - Olympic Stadium (Fan Club Sale NOW AVAILABLE)

The band has also recently rescheduled US Dates that were cancelled on the last stretch of their Highly successful Black Ice tour. Here's that info:

As part of their Black Ice World Tour, AC/DC was previously scheduled to play the following concerts, which have now been rescheduled:

-MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV: October 3, 2009 date was canceled; AC/DC will now play at this venue on Friday April 9, 2010
-Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY: October 6, 2009 date was canceled; AC/DC will now play at this venue on Saturday April 13, 2010
-Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO: October 8, 2009 date was canceled; AC/DC will now play at this venue on Saturday April 11, 2010
-Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, IA: October 10, 2009 date was canceled; AC/DC will now play at this venue on Saturday April 17, 2010
-Bradley Center in Milwaukee, WI: October 14, 2009 date was canceled; AC/DC will now play at this venue on April 15, 2010

Please note the October 1st concert at US Airways Center in Phoenix, AZ was canceled and will not be rescheduled; refunds are available for this concert at the point of purchase. All previously purchased tickets for any of the canceled performances will be honored at the new rescheduled dates. Fans who are unable to attend the rescheduled dates are entitled to a refund, which are available at the point of purchase.

Ex-Toto Frontman Bobby Kimball gives an update.

Yes indeed, this update via MySpace today from Bobby Kimball, in his own words ....

Since the new "Yoso" CD is finished, we've been working on a DVD of our very first concert in Mexico. We plan to release both of them at the same time. If you want to check out the band (on our first concert) go to the YouTube site below, and see and hear about 6-8 songs.

The address is:
Soon the web page will be up, but you can post your comments on the YouTube site. We look forward to seeing you at one of our concerts soon, and we wish you a very fun Holiday season this year. Enjoy the video and leave a comment for us. Thank you so much, and keep in touch....................Bobby

Follow more of Bobby Kimball's updates via his MySpace page, it's more up to date than the website that has his name:

Frontiers Records to release GIANT’s come-back album “Promise Land” on February 26th in Europe and March 9th in the USA.

December 2009 – GIANT, the powerhouse Rock quartet, now formed by founding members David Huff and Mike Brignardello, together with Terry Brock and John Roth, will unleash their highly anticipated fourth album “Promise Land” on the international markets.

Formed by brothers Dann and David Huff, together with the experienced Jazz-Rock keyboardist Alan Pasqua and Nashville session bass player Mike Brignardello, Giant would soon become, with the release of their debut album “Last of The Runaways” (A&M Records, 1989), one of the most respected trademark bands of the Melodic Hard Rock scene. Following countless live performances, the band recorded the follow-up “Time to Burn” (Epic, 1991), an album still regarded as a main source of influence for many Melodic and Hard Rock bands nowadays.

With the sudden change of musical climate and after another World tour without Pasqua, Giant disbanded, with their members becoming involved again in different projects. Particularly Giant’s frontman and lead guitarist Dann Huff went on to become one of the most in-demand producers of our era, working in the Rock, Pop and Country Music with countless artists including Shania Twain, Megadeth, Faith Hill, Madonna and Bon Jovi.

In 2001, the Italian uprising Melodic Rock indie Frontiers Records, prompted Giant to release “III”, an album that would landmark the rise the new Melodic Rock scene, particularly in Europe.

Unfortunately Dann’s busy schedule along with the other members’ commitments, made the reunion impossible to carry on as planned. However the vision of bringing back Giant as a living band unit, with a recording and touring line-up and with of course the possibility to offer the enormous legacy of the music produced was developed, until it became apparent that Dann Huff could not be a full part of this concept, even though he loved everything that Giant was. Thus original members, drummer David Huff and bassist Mike Brignardello, started an endless research for the right musicians that could be part of a renewed Giant line-up. And in the end the choice fell on singer extraordinaire Terry Brock (Strangeways, Seventh Key) and John Roth (Winger) on guitars.

In April 2009 the band started the writing and the recording sessions of the new album, with Dann Huff himself participating to the sessions, co-writing with the new line-up members the haunting ballad Our Love and the straight out rockers Double Trouble, Plenty of Love, Save Me. He offered songs from his catalogue, such as the album title-track, Through My Eyes (both co-written with Mark Spiro) and Two Worlds. He also later guested on lead guitars on Save Me and Believer (Redux), the latter being a song written by Erik Martensson and Robert Sall of new Melodic Rock sensations W.E.T. with Miqael Persson (with two more: Never Surrender and Prisoner of Love fruit of the Martensson/Persson collaboration).

“We have worked so hard and we are very happy and proud of this record, along with Dann”, says David Huff and truly the production and band members songwriting and performances shine all over the album!

“Promise Land” includes the following songs:
Believer (Redux); Promise Land; Never Surrender; Our Love; Prisoner of Love; Two Worlds; Plenty of Love; Through My Eyes; I’ll Wait For You; Dying To See You; Double Trouble; Complicated Man*, Save Me. Also includes “The Making of Promise Land” documentary - interactive multimedia bonus.

*Bonus track only available in the first pressing in digipak
“Promise Land” was mixed by Ben Fowler (Van Zandt, Cher, Meat Loaf) and mastered by Joe Palmaccio (3 Grammy Awards won) .

New material from Ozzy Osbourne in June ..., 2010? 2011?
Well, it's a really slight update one from the wild Oz man nonetheless!
Posted at his site - - yesterday came this announcement:
New Ozzy Album!
Ozzy Osbourne will be releasing a new album called "Soul Sucka!"
The album will be released in June, and will include songs “Let It Die”, “Soul Sucka” and “Diggin’ Me Down”.

Stay tuned to for more info!

Seriously, that's it, nothing more about who's involved or anything else.
Funny that it says the release date will be in June, doesn't say if it's 2010 or later though ...

An update of a different kind from Carl Palmer.

Classic prog rock drummer Carl Palmer (E.L.P., Asia, Qango, etc) has been involved in something away from his recent Asia activities and no, it's not E.L.P. rehearsals for next years reunion festival show either!
Read on, this posted at his site on Friday 18th December:

Carl has been working at Solent University over the last year with Andrew Cross who has been involved with the main promotional film for the Euro Tunnel in the UK. This film can still been seen in London today and was given great acclaim. Carl's work with Andrew is completely different as you can imagine!

They have also made a film on drum solos that is done in a very artistic way. It has to be seen to be believed. You will see it some time very soon in 2010. The film is running about 40 minutes long, comprised of 5 different drum solos by Carl – all filmed at Solent University. Carl will be back at Solent in 2010 teaching in the percussion department and has already given a Lecture at Solent earlier this year on the music business.

Gregg Rolie to get out on the road and remind Santana fans, how They remember the band ...

The full story on this can be found by following the link at the bottom of this piece, but it seems, Gregg Rolie doesn't think Senor Carlos Santana is giving the fans how he believes, they want to remember Santana!

Rolie has not so long ago released his latest album, a live recording from his show at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in 2007 ... Hmm, not so recent huh ...
Anyway, it's a 12 track album, featuring 2 tracks each over 10 minutes long "As The Years Go Passing By" and "Soul Sacrifice," along with other lengthy cuts and Santana classics such as "Black Magic Woman," "Evil Ways," "Oye Como Va" and more!

For more on this and Rolie's thoughts, check it out here:,_The_Way_You_Remember_It.shtml?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dayinrock+%28Day+in+Rock+Report%29

Def Leppard announces new partnership.

This was posted at on December 17th:

Def Leppard teams up with Primary Wave
Today, Def Leppard announced a new partnership with Primary Wave Music Publishing & Marketing, one of the largest music publishers in the United States. Primary Wave will will help ensure that Def Leppard's entire catalogue of music will be spread to a wider audience, by marketing the songs to be included in more movies, TV shows, radio, video games and other outlets.

The band are excited about the new partnership and can't wait to see their music reach a new generation of Def Leppard fans!

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