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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rock News for Thursday 24th December, 2009 - Christmas Eve

Well Hi folks and greetings to all this Christmas Eve, yes the big day is here again tomorrow!
Also meaning another year is nearly done and wow, where did that year go, can't believe they goes so fast now?! Guess it's a sad sign when we say that of us all getting older! ;-)

Anyway, enough of that, thanks to those that have visited the site here over the past 2 weeks, I appreciate it greatly and hope you like what you see and return on a regular basis.
Just yesterday I added a sitemeter, to get a realistic idea of how many people are visiting, as only seems to record who looks at the Blog site owners profile ...? That then becomes an approximate figure, that doesn't seem to then roll over.
My aim here folks, is IF and I'm afraid only IF, I get enough visitors come by, then I will go ahead with my plan for a full website. To do that then becomes more of a full time role and costs start to add up!
Enough of all this though, let's get on with the important stuff!
Merry Christmas to all of you and yours and a totally rockin' and prosperous New Year too!

Sadly Jeff Scott Soto cancels January 2010 London gig.

This was posted on his MySpace page on the 18th December, but in case anyone missed it:

JSS London Show / Camden Underworld Cancellation

It is with regret that we have to announce the cancellation of the forthcoming Jeff Scott Soto show at the Camden Underworld on 20 January 2010. The cancellation has been brought about because of the failure to secure three proposed shows in Greece due to the economic situation being faced by venues in that country.

Jeff Scott Soto commented "I am bitterly disappointed not to be able to reprise the show which we filmed for 'One Night In Madrid' at one of London's best rock venues and hate to let fans down, but the fact is that air fare increases and the cost of travel make it impossible to stage the show We want to be able to do this at some future date and will keep you informed."

JSS promotions would like to thank Neil Willis and Darryl James of FaBluSis and Alex Politis of Danger Angel in Greece for their efforts to make this happen.
For further information:

In the meantime, more JSS dates with the Trans Siberian Orchestra here:

Dec 26 2009 3:00P AT&T Center San Antonio, Texas
Dec 26 2009 8:00P AT&T Center San Antonio, Texas
Dec 27 2009 3:00P Toyota Center Houston, Texas
Dec 27 2009 7:30P Toyota Center Houston, Texas
Dec 28 2009 3:00P Frank Erwin Center Austin, Texas
Dec 28 2009 8:00P Frank Erwin Center Austin, Texas
Dec 30 2009 3:00P American Airlines Dallas, Texas
Dec 30 2009 8:00P American Airlines Dallas, Texas
Jan 2 2010 3:00P BJCC Birmingham, Alabama
Jan 2 2010 8:00P BJCC Birmingham, Alabama
Jan 3 2010 3:00P Sommet Center Nashville, Tennessee
Jan 3 2010 7:30P Sommet Center Nashville, Tennessee

Angels and Airwaves (AVA) new album coming and free download of new single!

Just posted at the bands MySpace page, this from Angels and Airwaves.
I caught the band live just over a year ago and thought they were a great live act.

I really hope everyone already knows about this, but in case you don't, the first single, Hallucinations, from AVA's upcoming 3rd album, LOVE, is now available for free download HERE!!

If you've already gotten it, and I'm crossing my fingers that you have, what do you think?!
Free Live at the Isle Of Wight Festival on Eagle Rock to be released in March ...
Free - Live at the Isle of Wight DVD

Debuting in 1968, The Isle Of Wight Festival built a reputation as a cherished musical tradition. One of its more famous sets was in 1970, when a cornucopia of legendary acts peppered the line-up, such as Jethro Tull, The Who, and The Moody Blues. One of these bands was none other than England’s Free. Fronted by reigning rock vocalist Paul Rodgers, this vintage footage shows the band performing classic tunes such as “All Right Now,” “Be My Friend,” “I’m A Mover,” and “Mr. Big.”
Well folks, really not too much else to share right now, it's Christmas Eve, so I guess everyone is busy doing whatever they need to last minute and I need to do my bit to help out here in the Williams home too!
If I get any more updates on anything today, believe me, I'll let you all know!

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